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Harbor Freight

Harbor Freight

So I bought a harbor freight pump and one week later it won’t hold a suction. It just gradually goes down from 20 to 0 in a couple seconds when I test it. Anybody else have this problem? I’m extremely pissed because I waited almost two weeks for shipping. I hate waiting. Before anybody chimes in with “maybe it’s not the pump”—it is the pump. I’ve tested it so many different ways and it’s the pump. The pump sucks. Or I guess, it actually doesn’t suck.

That vacuum release valve could not be seating in the new pump. Push it in with your fingernail and pull off to the side so that the valve pops out quickly. Do this a few time so the mechanism will seat itself. Then try with a good tight hose on the barbed fitting. If the hose has become flaired, it will not hold vacuum. Steve


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