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Got my first painful Water blister-ouch!!


Got my first painful Water blister-ouch!!

Last monday, my wife was giving my a blowjob and she made the statement, “Have you been doing something to make your penis bigger?? I had not told her anything about my PE activity, so I immediately said no. But her saying this got me really excited and happy, I must have got even harder then. We, at the time were celebrating our 8th wedding anniversery at the Syberis ( It is a small cottage ( Like a fancy master bedroom, with a fireplace, Hot tub, king size bed, radio, vcr,etc. Earlier in the hot tub, I don’t know how, but we got on the subject of dildos. My wife did not know what Dildos were, so I explained to her that they are a rubber or plastic fake penis that come in different sizes. She then says to me, “who would pick a small one”? This statement proves to me that “size does matter” Later, towards the end of the 4 hour stay at the Syberis, I spilled the beans and told my wife about the PE. To my surprise, she was not mad except that she wishes that I did not hide it from her. She then said “You don’t need to do it anymore, it is already big enough, I don’t want it to get too big. She kept insisting that I don’t need to do it and that it does’nt matter to her. But I truly think that, based on her previous statements that she secretly likes that fact that I am “enhancing” my penis size, and it really seems to turn her on.

So, on wed. in the morning around 8:30 a.m. I get up and start pumping at home (for the first time with my wife there, I am so happy that I don’t have to hide it anymore) I pumped for 35min. straight and pumped it to over 7 1/2 inches (Keep in mind that I am only 6 5/8 in. erect (non-pumped). My cock got swelled so huge that it pretty much took up all the space in the container (this was the first time that I pumped it this much). When I took it out of the tube, I noticed a water blister on the head of my penis. It was intact and had not burst yet, so it did not hurt at all. My penis was so fat that I could not even get my hands around it. Well it took over 14 hours for my penis to come back to normal size, so I do not understand when Thunder says that the huge cock you get from pumping only lasts an hour or so.
Anyway, later that night my wife jumps on top of me (99% of the time, I initiate sex) and is naked and starts caressing me, wanting sex bad. She orders me to strip and immediately starts caressing my rock hard penis. My blister had not popped but now was flat against my penis head and barely noticeable. Anyway, she says to me, can I suck your penis NOW. I said of course, and as soon as she starts to suck, the blister must have torn off. I acted as if nothing was wrong, but I was in DIRE PAIN THE WHOLE TIME. She then gets on top of me and we have sex. The whole time I am in EXTREME PAIN, but I hide it. Somehow, I am able to have an orgasm in the midst of all this pain. Afterwards I tell her that I am in pain and it is due to the blister. I am placing neosporin on it every day. Does anyone know what else that I should do to get it to heal up faster?

Ease up on the pressure


First of all, it’s great that you can now share your pumping and PE journey with your wife, and that she herself appears to be turned on by the whole enlargement process. You’re a lucky man.

Secondly, to prevent further pumping problems, you really need to ease up on the vacuum pressure and the amount of time you’re in the tube. Your particular problem in this case was probably the amount of pressure, since you indicated that you pumped for only 35 minutes. Did you pump with water inside the tube? Water blisters are even more likely to occur with water in the tube at high pressure. I pump, and I know how exciting it can be, especially when you see that the result is a dick that’s bigger and fatter than ever. But the injuries from overzealous pumping can be very unpleasant, though usually temporary. I got a water blister once, and from that experience a great lesson was learned.

Thirdly, with the resulting water blister you are doing the right thing by applying a healing ointment like neosporin to prevent infection. Keep on applying for several days. The discomfort from the healing blister will probably keep you from heavy sex action, giving your dick the time to get better. Once the main healing has occurred, it will take a period of time for the water blister area discoloration to disappear.

Pumping can be fun and a great adjunct to jelqing, squeezing, etc. But like with all PE techniques, being careful, patient and smart are musts in avoiding injuries. Good luck.


Is there anything else that I can apply ?

Is there anything else besides antibiotic ointment like neosporin, that I can apply to heal this up faster? It has been 2 days and it does not look like it is getting any better. How many days will it take to heal?? I did not use water inside the tube. I have pumped on/off for a year and never did this occur before. What is the reason for water blisters occuring when you pump too high? I do not understand why they happen (what is the scientific reason).

Hey tbigur,

Do you have a gauge on your pump? Did you pump for 35 straight minutes without restioring circulation? Do you understand what is happening when you put your penis under vacuum? That most of that swelling is actually lymphatic fluid and a build up in a small area could and probably did cause the water blister. Or you had a small dry area rubbing against the tube.

When I said one hour, I meant that usually your penis will start to deal with the fluid build up in an hour, it won’t return to normal size with the snap of a finger.

You got carried away with too much vacuum or too much time and it resulted in a water blister. I don’t know of anything that will speed up the healing faster than Neosporin. Just keep applying it as recommended on the tube and give it awhile.

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Should I air my penis out at night to speed healing

My wife thinks that I should “air” out my penis at night in order to speed the healing up, what do you think? I did it last night for a couple of hours and it did look much better. But I had to work today and of couse I needed to use the neosporin and gause to cover it up.

No, my pump does not have a gauge. I wish it did. The pumping part of it is black and looks like a gun, but no gauge. I only paid $29 for it at this adult book store. Can I go to a hardware store and get a gauge?

I know how a pump works, whether it is blood or water (lymphatic fluid) that makes my cock look like a donkey dick, it really does not matter to me; My wife gets impressed with the size of it after I pump. I know that I got carried away, so now I am paying the price (basically no sex or pumping until this water blister heals up).

Hey tbigur,

You might want to consider buying a complete pump instead of just a gauge. Auto parts stores usually carry the Mity-Vac pump for somewhere around 30,00 US. It has a guage and is a good quality pump and will work with other tubes (with a purchase of a couple of quick disconnect fittings), in case you decide to keep with pumping and buy a quality tube.

Good thing that your wife is understanding and knows the story behind the blister, try explaining something like that to a woman who is “in the dark” as far as PE goes.

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Mity-Vac pump??

Hey Thunder, you said that I can get a Mity-Vac pump at an auto parts store. What do most auto guys use this pump for, because if I go in and request one, I sure as hell can’t say what I am gonna use it for.

Also, I am airing my blistered penis out at night, and during the day applying triple antibiotic ointment with gause on top. It has been almost 5 days and is about 30% healed. My wife really hates the fact that I did this to myself. She said, please don’t use the pump anymore so you don’t hurt yourself. So I may just hang and jelq and stretch for a while. I am thinking about having sex tonight with her since I have been depriving her since wed. (last time we had sex) to try and heal my dick up. I am thinking of using 2 condoms and keep a gause on under the condoms. Will this hinder my healing of my dick? I really want to have sex with my wife. We usually don’t go more than 3 days without having sex.


Tell them you are picking it up for a friend and avoid the possibility of questions. You can find these pumps for sale online also, just type Mity-Vac into a search engine and you should find a few places that sell them.

I think it would also be a good time for you to practice a little oral sex and pass on intercourse. That would be my course of action if I were in your situation.

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My wife does not like me to perform oral sex on her.

I would love to perform oral sex on my wife, the only problem is that she does not like me to do it to her. She loves to perform oral sex on me (but that would be a no-no given my current blister situation). I can use my hand to pleasure her. I have done that many times and she has had big orgasms. I suck her breasts at the same time that I am fingering her. This really gets her off. But I wish she would let me suck her clit and vagina. She says that she is just not comfortable with it yet (so maybe in the future). You have to understand, she has never masturbated so I think that this is why she is uncomfortable with me going down on her. I am thinking about buying a vibrator and using it on her. What do you think about that idea?

Getting back to the blister issue, I have heard that a good way to prevent these sort of blisters is to put a whole mess load of Lanolin or Petroleum jelly on my dick before pumping. What do you think?

Extra lube will not overcome too much pressure

The only way to prevent blistering is to NOT USE TOO MUCH VACUUM PRESSURE. Try to get a pump with a gauge so you can at least monitor the amount of pressure. Adding tons of lubricants, jelly, lanolin, etc will not prevent the blistering if the pressure is too high for too long.

In addition, to neosporin, you may want to try a prescription cream called
“Elocon 0.1%”. It is a 1mg mometasone cream which was prescribed to me years ago for unexplained skin irritation due to stress. In using it over the years for myself and my family, I found that it was incredibly effective (almost miraculous) for healing any kind of skin cuts, blisters, rashes, etc. and was also very effective in helping the skin heal without scarring or permanent discoloration. You need a doc’s prescription for this.

For now, don’t really have much choice but to take a brief sex break and allow your dick time to heal. You have the rest of your life to have sex, but only as long as your buddy remains healthy. Take care.


Thanks for the info.

THanks for the Elocon .1% info. I really appreciate your help. Do you think that I can still do my jelqing routine now? Will this help or hurt?


continue jelqing if comfortable


When I got my water blister, it was located on my glans. So, at the beginning it was most uncomfortable when clothing material came in contact with the head. As much as possible, I tried to wear very loose fitting soft cotton shorts or nothing at all at home. I applied the Elocon creme twice a day for at least 5 days and obviously discontinued pumping for at least a week or more. I did find that light jelqing was okay, since most of my effort was concentrated on the shaft of my penis. So, at least I felt that my ongoing PE efforts would not be completely stalled. But definitely take a break on pumping until well healed and then be very careful about excessive vacuum pressure in the future. Low pressure combined with short pumping periods are your best bets as discussed many times on this forum. Good luck.


To: Peforeal-How long did it take for your blister to heal?

How long did it take for your dick to heal enough to where you could have sex again. My blister is on my penis head (right above where I pee) Is this called the glans area? It has been almost 6 days and it does look as if it is healing. I air it out for at least 6-8 hrs when I am at home, but when I am at work I apply this gold bond triple antibiotic ointment with vit. E and aloe and non-stick gause. My doctor said not to apply the Elocon, because he said it would hinder healing because it is a corticosteroid. So I am following his instructions. How long after your dick healed did you return to pumping? Do you do any hanging? I think hanging may be what I try next and lay off the pumping for a while (say 3 months). Can you get blisters on your penis head from hanging?


same boat, amigo


I, too, am nursing a glans injury. Basically the same treatment as you (though it’s not from pumping).

Elocon - I was actually prescribed this about 13 years ago during a time when my g/f was jacking me every night (a virgin). I got rubbed raw and it was painful enough to ask my doc about during an allergy test or something like that. Felt very weird and I am sure he thought I was jacking off too much or something, but whatever. Anyway, elocon is the absolute. I would apply it anytime my glans got sore. The next day it was at least 50% better. Follow it for a few days and it’s DONE! IMHO, you doc is outta line on this. My doc was incredible (deceased now), and I don’t question his credentials. Yours, I gotta admit, I do.

Triple Antibiotic - aside from Elocon, I think this is the only other way to go. I’ve tried aloe gel (and aloe itself would be similar), but it will just dry up and the area harden after a time. Which is not what you want, because you know the penis enlarges and shrinks throughout the day. So it’s T-A throughout the day, at night, during the night once to keep it soft. I don’t know about you, but nighttime erections really stress out the sore. So it has to be soft and moist by the T-A.

The key here is time and patience. Unless you can get that Elocon. It is completely worth it. Why get 75% healed only to start all over again? I’ve done this recently like a moron..

Clothing - though I don’t like to wear them, whenever the glans gets sensitive I apply whatever I am using and wear BRIEFS. That is, if I need to go out. Or sleeping or whatever. The briefs keep it locked in place and keep movement to a minimum. This is so necessary for the pain angle. Of course, this is only immediately following an injury for a day or so.

Wife - hmm…. Here’s a suggestion for oral stuff. Assure her you won’t approach her vagina but just want to get near it. Kiss up and down her inside thighs and around her belly and the sides of her pubic area as you stroke the rest of her. Don’t stay there all day but just visit and move to other areas. Then come back. Tell her if she wants to up the ante she can let you know by taking the initiative and directing you. Watch what happens, in time.

Sounds like you have it made with her for the size thing. She is showing it is a major turn on for her. The fact that she asked to suck you shows a bit of that turn on and a little master/slave thing. My wife would never ask; she’d just do it.

I got one thing to say - watch the pumping. I personally will never do it as the temp blowup does nothing for me. In fact, this only cements my opinion. If you want (and your wife WANTS) permanent size increase, do the hanging, squeeze jelqs, and regular jelqing. No, you don’t get immediate blowup (well, jelqing and squeezing get you big, but stress you), but it will last.


Mity Vac

Btw, if you order a Mity Vac at a store NO ONE will think about pumping. As a former mechanic, I can tell you they are very popular and considered an important diagnostic tool in a mechanic’s collection.

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