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Got my first painful Water blister-ouch!!



>>Anyway, elocon is the absolute. I would apply it anytime my glans got sore. The next day it was at least 50% better. Follow it for a few days and it’s DONE! IMHO, you doc is outta line on this.>>

His doctor is right on for tbigur’s injury.
Corticosteroid creams are fine for irritation, either friction type injuries or allergic type processes. they reduce the inflammation and hence the pain. Trouble is tha tbigur’s injurie is now ulcerated and NO QUESTION that steroid creams do slow the healing process, whats more they impede the antiinfection cells and hence can allow bacterial infection to set in more easily.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Thanks, luvdadus. Shows my opinion medically is pretty lame. Well, I understand now why it worked for me and why it isn’t advisable for him. Goes to show, giving medical advice is an ‘iffy’ situation at best for the uneducated, or semi-educated. hehe


So, in my case now Elocon would not at all be advisable, correct?
Broken skin on glans


If the skin is intact but irritated It probably is ok, best thing is to leave it alone though. If there is an open ulcer then I definitely would stick to antibiotic ointment and rest.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

My Blister is healed up now-here is what I did

After struggling for 1 week of using antibiotic ointment and non-stick gause with little healing gains, I called a clinical nurse skin/wound care specialist up and told her that I had an open water blister on my foot (of course I could’nt tell her it was really on my dickhead) and asked her what she recommended to heal it up quickly. She suggested applying Thin duoderm on it and leaving it on there for 3-7 days. By then, she said it should be healed up. So on Tues. night I applied a small square piece of thin duoderm on it (dry, with nothing no antibiotic on it) and 4 1/2 days later it was all healed up when I took off the duoderm. Duoderm is the bomb. I suggest it for everyone with an open sore.


How my water blister on penis helped sex life

This water blister situation actually turned out to be a good thing for me and my wife’s sex life. Let me explain.

After about a week of no sex due to my water blister still being unhealed my wife really wanted sex bad. Up until now she had not wanted me to please her orally, but this night I started caressing her with my hand (on her clitoris and vagina) and out of the blue she asked me to “lick down there”. I was so happy and excited and so I started licking her clit and vagina area (concentrating on the clitoris) in an up and down motion and it drove her wild. She had a HUGE ORGASM within a couple of minutes and was very happy and satisfied. A few days later (after my dick healed up we had sex again and she wanted me to do the oral thing again, so I did, and she had another strong satisfying orgasm within minutes. She is so happy that she let me finally please her orally. She was a bit scared before and that is why she didn’t want me to go down on her. But now, after feeling the pleasure, she is very happy that it is now included in our sex life.



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