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Got mine!

Got mine!

So excited got my LA Pump w/ gauge 10x2 cylinder and I couldn’t be more happy about it, my current dick size is around 7.5 x 5.25. It is quite the amazing feeling. Definitely looked up avocet’s advice because I can easily see how someone could go overboard with this thing. I’ve been at the pe business for sometime and I took about a 3 yr hiatus because I was quite happen with my gains. So the bug is back and I want some more… girth. I’m hoping this can get me there and if I get some length along the way thats ok to.

Basically I try to incorporate the inverted v stretch before… started to pump for 10 minutes then went to jelqing afterward but I had so much fun today I had to do one more 10 minute session, so I put my dick back in to finish out the night.

One thing I noticed is most of the pressure seems to be focused on my glans and right below the glans, I wouldn’t mind evening out the girth in my midshaft. So I threw together a make shift penis cap to prevent the pressure from focusing on that part of my dick. Seemed to work so I’ll probably do a mix pumping, cap on and cap off. Anyone else ever do that? Experience that?

Ok so I am finding this thing to be goddamn therapeutic and I am loving every second of it. Always pleasure never pain that is the rule. I find that 4in pressure to be right on the money. Now I don’t know about over doing it but I have implemented the 10 minute stretch before, then I hit up 10 min in tube, 10 minute jelq, 10 minutes in the tube, 10 minute jelq and then finish up with 5 minutes in the tube and it feels amazing. Any worries I had or stresses from the day seem to melt away.

Congrat on getting your pump, But don’t overdo things.

Best read Avocets post at the top of the forum. It is a goldmine of information.

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Psst! The link is at the bottom of the page :bigwink:

I have to ask how you’re liking the size specifically. I was thinking about getting the same tube dimension as you have gotten. But, I’m 7.75x5.75. I’m worried I’ll need to upgrade almost immediately and those things aren’t cheap. Is it quite easy for you to gain .75” girth in the tube? If so, maybe I should be looking at a 2.25”+, even though I’m going for length, it would be nice to give the whole EG a lil push over 6.

How much length are you able to pack on in the cylinder when pumped? I’m thinking about ordering an 11” or 12” tube right away instead of upgrading later.

2005 - BPEL 6.0"x MSEG 4.5" (BEG 4.75"/HEG 4.625")

2010 - BPEL 8.0"x MSEG 5.75" (BEG 6.5"/HEG 5.875")

Goal - BPEL 9.0"x MSEG 6.5" (BEG 6.5"/HEG 6.75")

Well currently I don’t own a ruler so I haven’t made any real measurements. I can say that length of 7.5bp was the last time I checked which was after I stopped about 3 years ago, so I haven’t made any new measurements in a quite a while. Hard to believe I know. No measurement that I can be for sure on at least. I did however mark on the tube where I reached on day one. I have since been able to go past that in what I would guess to be about 1/8” w/o passing 4 in hg. Which is good :)

In theory a 2” inch tube is good for ~6.25” girth, but that means you’re packing the tube. I grabbed a tube that I wanted to grow into and I feel satisfied with it so far. But I also took into consideration that my greatest erect diameter is 1.75” so really it seemed appropriate.

I don’t know what you’re diameter is but I thought of it that way because I’m sure most dicks aren’t perfectly cylindrical. I am no expert considering I’ve only been at it for almost a week now. But lets say you are 2” inches in diameter at you’re greatest you’d probably want to grow into your tube and 2.25” probably wouldn’t be too bad. Of course experts chiming in would be helpful for you I’m sure.

Also the way I looked at it was an end result for length. I’m currently 7.5 bp but I’m pretty good at estimates and looking at the portion of the tube vs where I am I’d probably have to say I’m actually short of the 7.5 in the tube probably a little over 7”. Now this could be due that fact that I haven’t really measured in over 3 years and my bp length has gone down a little or it could just be due to the fact that in the tube a tube measurement wouldn’t measure up to a bp measurement because being in a tube with a rim and all that makes a difference, I’m not all too certain there.

This is all eyeballing but conservatively I’m somewhere from 3” to 2.75” from packing the length and I’d like to hit 8” in the tube which will still give me 2” inches of space, by that time I have no idea what my girth will be, hopefully massive.

So for you lets say you to fall a little short from you’re bp length to tube length where do you want to finish in the tube? For me 2” inches of room as an end result would be ideal for picking your tube length.

Lets say with you’re length / girth you pick a 2.25” [if you’re 2” in diameter] x 11” you’ll basically end up with a 9” incher in the tube and you’re girth will kill.

Oh yes a progress report. Taken from the last post.

I marked on the tube where I reached on day one. I have since been able to go past that in what I would guess to be about 1/8” w/o passing 4 in hg.

Haven’t skipped a day since I got it.

Exercise routine today was 5 minute stretch, 10 minute in tube, 10 minute jelq, 10 minutes in tube, 10 minutes of horse/uli’s, then 5 minutes in tube to finish. No coldness after workout, I felt a little coldness on my balls during my second 10 minutes in the tube but I’m attributing that to the fact that its actually cold in my apartment right now.

Things feel great. A little soreness around the base after my workouts but when I come back the next day everything feels ok. Good PI’s during the day.

Originally Posted by nevadathomas
Oh yes a progress report. Taken from the last post.

I marked on the tube where I reached on day one. I have since been able to go past that in what I would guess to be about 1/8” w/o passing 4 in hg.

Haven’t skipped a day since I got it.

Pretty amazing two weeks now and I’ve managed to exceed 1/4” from my initial mark. Definitely getting good tunica expansion and hoping that it continues so I can see some girth gains. I’m thinking once I hit 6 months I will give my first offical measurements.

Another enthusiastic devotee of pumping. Welcome to pumping world. I think I’d continue to use the pump for the pleasure/therapeutic properties if I never gained another mm. Good luck and congrats on the gains. I use a sharpie to mark my gains, too. Very inspirational and encouraging to see the changes!

:_pump: :donatecar

I love this thing.


Stay your course. Be cautious in your HG pressure. It’ll work.




The 11” or 12” tube would prove to be de-motivating. The reasoning is, with a 9” tube you have less than 2” to reach the end of the tube, and with some growth over time - it can be motivating to see yourself getting closer to the end.

With the 11” or 12” tube, it would look like you aren’t making much progress at all seeing all that empty tube space.

Get something no more than 2” longer than you are and you will be happy.

You might want to try condom pumping. See penismith’s thread above.



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