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Good news.bad news

Good news.bad news

Just took measurements tonite and wow was I suprised!!

Three days no pe beforehand to give any pump effect to go away and tonite I measured

Over a half in gain in both bp and nbp length!! Thing of it is,I ONLY did girth work,I had to do a triple take at the tape,but sure enough I have gone from about 6.25 nbp to 6 7/8 nbp.over 7.5 bp!I’m certainly not complaining,but I swear to ya guys,I was doing nothing for length.My entire routine is pump/jelq/squeeze.isn’t this pe stuff crazy.

And although it’s a modest 1/8th inch gain on girth,I’m also happy to report that as well.

So now for my question.

When did you guys see REAL results from the pump.I am convinced the pump is the true girth giver in the pe world,and I have all faith I will see more gains in the future from pumping, but what seemed to be the magic number when you really saw that the pump was fattening the ole jimmy up pretty good??

I gotta say what a crazy pe month this has been,first I discover my tape was shorting me 1/8th inch so I was really 5 1/4- 5 5/16 to start with in girth,and now to find a totally unexpected length gain of over 1/2,what a month.

Originally Posted by gottaget8x6
When did you guys see REAL results from the pump.

For me, I think I am in my second month of pumping and am starting to see very good growth/results in my pre-pumped cock.

In my not so expert opinion, I think one slight change in my routine really kicked off the growth. After being in the tube a few minutes, I slowly pump up to around 10hg, press the tube against my pubic bone to push my cock as deep as possible into the tube, and then immediately go back down to anywhere between 4-5hg. I’ll repeat this about half way through a session and at the end. IMO it keeps as much dick as possible inside the tube, stretched to the max. Since doing this my growth has really blossomed.


"I have strong feelings about gun control. If there\'s a gun around, I want to be controlling it." Clint Eastwood

You be careful with that hg man, I know you’ve been on here awhile I think we are about the same time pumping, but it’s been my experience that around 6 hg it gets a bit uncomfortable for me in the tube, the idea of going to 10 hg scares the piss outta me.
I guess I shouldn’t be in such a big damn hurry though,an 1/8 th inch in 2 1/2 months is nothing to be bitching about,and at 5 7/16 now thats a pretty healthy thickness .it just gets so damn big in the tube and I want some of that to cement and be permanent.
Well in any event I’m happy as a pig in shit with my gains and just hope they keep coming at the same pace (or faster).

Happy pumping fellas!

Originally Posted by gottaget8x6
You be careful with that hg man,

I read you loud and clear. When I first began pumping the idiot side of me had to see what hg was the max. At 10, or thereabouts, I am fine. But if I stay more than a second or two I get a slight donut. Believe me, as quick as I reach 10, I am back down to 4-5hg. Other than the quick pump upwards, I would probably be classified as a low-level pumping disciple. I agree with others on here that low-level pumping is the way to go.

Thanks for the warning.


"I have strong feelings about gun control. If there\'s a gun around, I want to be controlling it." Clint Eastwood

Hey gottaget - I tend(ed) to gain length much more easily, in fact like you - when I was doing girth only exercises.

It’s a strange thing and I guess just up to what your body is predisposed to gaining more easily. Just be thankful that you gain something easily! :)

Just remember that the jelq isnt classified under length or girth,as this exercise alone has been noted to increase length by inches.I think JAPP gained about 3 inches by only jelqing,so this is whats probably causing the length gain.

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