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Good electric pump?

Good electric pump?

Anybody have advice on a good electric pump? People here seem to favor LA pumps, but I only see manual models on their site.

Previously, I’d used the ‘delux’ electric model from VacuTech. It got left behind some years back, and I’m just now planning on putting pumping back into my routine. At 400$ for the set, a cheaper model would be … nice. I like the near-automation of an electric model. It’s even worth the price tag. I just wondered if anyone else had recommendations before I went and dropped a wad of cash on a new one.

Try a search of “electric pumps” and see what you get. They have been discussed here before.



Del Sol,
I’ve got absolutely no experience with electric pumps - but I had been wondering in the past weeks if there might be an affordable option. It seems like it might be possible to rig up a fish tank air pump to produce vacuum instead of pumping air.

Just doing a quick google search I found at least one mention of somebody rigging something like that up - but I don’t know the details of how it was done. (It could be that they just opened the pump up and attached a hose to wherever the air intake was?) Maybe a more tech savvy member would know how to do this.

I don’t think it would generate massive vacuum, but it might be enough - and could be a real low cost option (although it wouldn’t have whatever controls come with the $400 pumps)

EBPL 7.5"

EMSG 6.0"

EBG 6.5"

Are there any real benefits spending 2-300 more dollars for an electric over a manual pump?

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