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Good cheap pump for beginner

Good cheap pump for beginner

I would really like to start pumping within the next month or 2. And I’m currently looking for a good pump. I know people really recommend (L.A. Pumps) but their too expensive for me right now. Also, it looks to big to have around the apartment. Roomies will be freaked out. I’m looking for a pump without a gauge but still a good cylinder size. I’m currently 6 inches long (erect) and 5.5 girth. So I know I should get a cylinder about 1.75. But anyone know where I can find a cheaper cylinder thats my size?

Homemade Tubes?

Lap pump = harbor freight tools pump

I’ve owned my share of cheap, porno-shop rigs over the years: all were garbage. That cheap porno-shop junk just doesn’t last.

I’ve had my current cylinder for over a decade. Cost me around a hundred bucks back then, but obviously it was money well spent. (Less than ten bucks a year…)



I’ve found a pump on eBay with the cylinder length of 7 1/2 inches and a width of 2. (I can’t find any less then 2 inches width)


The mid-section of my penis is 5.5 inch girth erect. Can I sprung for the 2 inches width?

Also, it’s a normal pump. There’s not a gauge. How do you know how much to pump?

First- what is your budget?

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Spend the $20 on a high quality metal pump with gauge from harbor freight. Without a gauge you are guessing. I am sure guys have gone the guessing route and been OK but for $20 you can be safe and have a very high quality pump that will last.

Cut back on beer, weed, pizza, whatever, and you will have the $ for a comfortable quality cylinder in a month as well.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

You haven’t been doing enough exploring in the Pumpers Forum. A 2” cylinder is the correct size for you: Selecting Your Cylinder Size

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I have one of those cheap pumps (classix) from ebay. Since that is the only pump I’ve ever used, I have nothing to compare it to. All I know is that it sucks on my dick and my dick gets hard and my gland look a little bigger. My hardons are so much harder since I started using it. However, it terms of it’s usefulness for permanent enlargement, I have no comments because I just started using it. I guess if you just want to feel how a pump feels, you could get that one. Also, you have to remember that an expensive one may feel different.

Problems (I don’t know if there are unique to this product)
1: Water gets stuck in the value on the pumping bulb causing a slow leak unless you cover the hole.
2: it is really hard for me to get a seal.maybe because I’m so skinny.
3: it fogs up from condensation and I cannot see my dick.
4: the bulb feels like it is going to break in the near future.
5: the the pressure release is a hole on the side of the tube. Therefore, you have to cover the hole with one finger from one hand, and pump with the other hand (quite tedious). However, I put tape over the hole (with one end of the tape folded so it does not stick).

The actron hand pump that a lot of people seem to recommend does seem to be a good cheap option to get you started. But if you want hands-off electro-mechanical pumping right from the start you might consider converting an aquarium air pump into a vacuum pump. This is probably the cheapest option around if you just want to try automatic pumping out. Make sure you get one of the easily modified types, there’s plenty of instruction around regarding that. And if you don’t like the pump, you can convert it back to an air pump and use it in a real aquarium!

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