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Going to start pumping


I will wait until I dont get gains next month before I purchase a pump. I do expect to get the gains I want though. I really dont want to shovel out 100+ dollars if I dont have to. I thought people who pumped had imediate noticable gains for a few hours afterward. I thought some pumpers used the pump for this reason. Can you have sex with those gains within those two hours? That would be a huge plus for me to simply pump up to my goal size before I have sex and just keep it to myself thta it will be gone in a few hours.


Probably, even your first time pumping, you would have a noticeably larger erection in the cylinder under vacuum and afterward, for awhile, your dick would look fatter than normal. But the increase isn’t immediately translated into normal sexual erections and the flaccid gain, like any other form of PE, takes months, most say, before it stays with you.

I don’t think there are any quick fixes with any form of PE. It’s about many, many hours over many months of concentrated workouts, whatever form of PE you choose.




Well this was my 4th PE session with the pump. I have to say that I’m very pleased with what I see just in 4 days. I have noticed more mass in my hands while jelqing these last couple days than before not using the pump. Here is my routine I have been using the past 4 days and will stay with it for a while.

1 warm ups for 10 minutes
2 pre jelq to work blood into the penis
3 go to the cylinder hard for 5 minutes at 4 psi
4 6 sets of jelqs and squeezes… 25 jelqs 5 squeezes is one set
5 repeat 3
6 repeat 4
7 warm down 5 minutes
8 wear a cock ring for 1 hour massaging to keep it engorged
8 manual stretches for 10 minutes about 4 hours later

One thing I have noticed today was these things that run girth wise and they look like ribs. Anyone else notice this? Is this a sign that PE is having an effect? Also the veins are starting to pop really nice now, and my hardons are much firmer during and after my PE session. I’m going to take my two days off and hit it again Mon…. I LOVE IT :)


Modemmer said: “….these things that run girth wise and they look like ribs.”

Spare ribs? :-)

Say more about that, Modemmer. I don’t know what you are referring to unless it is new veins.

But glad you are enjoying the results so far.



LOL… hahaha I love spare ribs!

Well its hard to describe them, but I know they are not veins. They look like raised areas on the CC and they start from the underside of my penis and come around to the top but don’t go all they way around. I have 4 on the right side and 3 on the left. To me if I was to guess its like areas where the CC has been stretched and are larger than other areas. But the effect its giving are great! Its making my penis look more and more like a mans penis then a smooth teens penis… know what I mean? I can’t see them without being erect. But when erect they look almost like racing stripes that come to midway on top of my penis. They start out fat on the underside and taper down as they come around.



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