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going for lengt only, pumping?

going for lengt only, pumping?

I am only going for length, lenght, lenght,

Is pumping a good way, or is it more for girth and flaccid?

What are your thoughts about combining it with hanging and the auto-extender?

At least but maybe most important; DOES ANYONE NOW HOW I CAN GET A VELCRO WRIST WRAP??

I, can, I can, I can not, can not compute..

Working backward, try WalMart or a large KMart or a large pharmacy for this model:…=0&tid=0&pid=42

Never hung or used an auto-extender. Made good length gains anyway.

Pumping is good for both length and girth. If you get some more girth, would you be disappointed?



Originally Posted by avocet8
If you get some more girth, would you be disappointed?

I know someone that would. :leftie:

Pumping will help with erect and flaccid gains.

I do all three exercises like you asked (pumping, hanging, and ADS) and they work well for me.

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