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Girth pumping without effecting glands

Girth pumping without effecting glands

I’ve been pumping for years and made permanent girth gains. Water pumping has been a great discovery. Length I’ve given up on because my glans (head) is just too sensitive to pressure and weight and several times which is too many times I got numbness which takes a week or so to go back to normal. I’d like to pump longer but lately glans either become temporarily less sensitive or get a few dreaded small blisters appear and it’s hard to catch before they appear. I tried condoms but hasn’t helped. I’m looking for a small glans cylinder that I can cover my head with when pumping in a larger tube. I want less pressure on my glans as I’d like to keep them as sensitive as possible after pumping. What’s the point of if you end up with a desensitized penis and you don’t get to enjoy sex with your partner.

Has anyone tried pumping with glans covered to reduce pressure upon it? I’m thinking of using a 2” head cylinder and placing my shaft in a 2.5” to see how this effects girth workouts.

7.4 bpl x 7 erect -- 6.25 x 5.8 flaccid

What pressure are you pumping to? I myself have had no problems pumping up to 5hg but I tend to stay around 2.5-3.5hg I also use Chems to help with my regime (Viagra,Cialis) this for me works and I have had no problems with numb glands ever.

6. I’ve gotten gains from this pressure, I did not have any permanent gains anything under 4..

7.4 bpl x 7 erect -- 6.25 x 5.8 flaccid

@Mustbedreaming like I hinted at my regime works for me and what works for you could be totally different.

I myself would love to have a 6” girth as at the moment I measure 8” length and 5.3-5.5” girth, I am not sure why girth would fluctuate at all, but it does. Having said that there was a post I found written by someone who had a 6” girth and he stated it does not come without its own problems still for me its something I want.

I’m going to try this technique and post results. I have no desire to increase my gland size anyway, just continue increasing the shaft so there is no desensitizing of the glands anymore than I already have over the decade. Damn, to think I’ve been doing P.E. since 2001…

7.4 bpl x 7 erect -- 6.25 x 5.8 flaccid


Goodluck with the trial and keep us all informed.

Must, when you pump, do you do one long session?

I have a Bathmate that I enjoy (water pumping is great). I used to do one 30 minute session a day. After reading a post from avocet8, I decided to break it down into 3 10 minute sessions, with a 5 minute jelq session in between. It made a huge difference, especially in EQ.

At only ten minutes, you can pump at high pressure without issues of pain, numbness, edema, etc.

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