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Girth needed

Girth needed

I have been doing PE excercises for two years now. My erect length is 7 inches which I am ok with, my erect girth is only 4 and 3/8 which I really want to increase but I am not sure the best route to increase that. I am looking to get up to 5 Inches girth. I just bought a pump but it seems that would be more length focus. I was thinking of doing traction but am unsure. The excercises have not helped so I am looking to change it up.

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It depends what your routine is currently but it would probably be worth adding squeezes like Uli#3, Horse 440 etc. These are the ings in combination with jelqing that can make a big difference. Other people would recommend clamping and there are certainly many who have logged gains from this method.

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Currently I pump at 5vg for ten minutes, then 60 jelqs (30) in each direction, then stretching. I do this 6-7 days a week as it is not very much. This is what I am doing now that I added. The pump as it does not lead to pain or discomfort.

And thank you for the welcome. I am glad to have fou d this place as everyone seems very helpful.

I like pumping for the thrill of the thick penis (and hopeful maintenance benefits), but can’t say that I’ve had any meaningful gains from pumping. 100% of my girth gains came from manual jelq, uli #3 and horse 440 as Memento recommended. When you’re ready, “orange bends” (flaccid bends) and erect bends (more advanced) also helped me with girth breakthroughs - I think.

I like clamping for advanced exercises but the two times I tried clamping in my first year both completely destroyed my EQ and forced me to take a 3 week break from PE and sex. I don’t recommend clamping unless you are very conditioned.

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Are you packing the tube with your girth? If so, you might need a different cylinder size. There are good threads on cylinder sizing in Penis Pumps.

One of the things about penis enlargement that seems to hold true for everyone, is that if you do the same thing for long enough, your penis adapts and you stop growing. I’d at least try putting the jelqing ahead of the pumping and maybe adding some squeezes in before you enter the pump. I’ll put this thread in Penis Pumps in the hope of attracting more pump related replies.

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I was pumping for about six months (20 minute sessions at 5 hg - one in the am and one in the pm) and didn’t see any significant gains until I substituted a 45 to 60 minute session at 4 hg for one of the weekly 20 minute sessions. I also added Avocet8’s pumping for ED session once a week and three years later I have increased my girth from 4.4” to 5.25”.

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I agreed what momento said!
I have tried all kind of pumping routines.. and I just pump for the pleasure these days and that’s before sex!
All my gains comes from manual exercises. And dry jelqing combined with uli #3 is a great combo for girth gains. Then after a while doin these two exercises, you can put in some horse 440 that fits in perfect in the dry jelq- uli #3 combo.

But you must have several month of PE under your belt before doin advance girth exercises!

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Heat is the key!

Pumping did wonders for my girth, I kept to a fairly uniform routine and incorporated jelqs into my workouts. I have long established for myself that jelqing makes a notable difference in the session and the results. I vary things but this has worked well for me especially in the girth department.

Wishing you well and success in pursing great girth.

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