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Girth gains from punping?

Girth gains from punping?

When I bought my cylinder, I used the sizing help thing on the manufacturers site to pick the right diameter for my tube. The thing is, when I get into the cylinder (I usually do this already about 80% erect) I find I’m already almost packing the cylinder, in girth terms. Now, the question is, how am i supposed to get thicker girth in the pump if I’m already packing the girth of the cylinder before I even start pumping? Is this the same with you guys?

Another thing, if one does get slightly thicker after a pump session, how about preforming a couple more sets with a slightly larger (girth) cylinder? Wouldn’t that stretch the tunica even more or is that just a dangerous way to pump? I am mainly trying to gain in girth, length is not very important to me just yet.


You can get more detailed feedback, if you provide some more information like:

1. size of cylinder that you’re using
2. your largest erect girth measurement and where measured (i.e. base, midshaft, glans, etc.)

Many guys, including myself, use more than one size cylinder when pumping. I commence with a 2” diameter and then move into my 2.5” cylinder. This kind of cylinder size transition will help in girth gains over the longterm.


I am 7” BPEL and now, about 5 1/4” girth (mid shaft). The cylinder I am using is 5 1/2” in Circumference (1-3/4” diameter) and 10” long. When I’m pumped and still in the tube, i reach about 8 1/2” to 9” in length and my penis is tightly pressed up against all the circumference of the tube. I feel that using a tube that is pretty much the same Circumference as my penis is only going to bring about length gains, not that id complain, but i want girth more!


Because you are getting such a good pump through your efforts and because you are already 5.25 inches in unpumped girth, you definitely need to move up to a 2” diameter cylinder in order to improve on the girth gains that you are looking for. Don’t try to skip too far ahead in cylinder size. Pumping for girth works much better, if you gradually increase the size of your cylinders.

With your current 1 3/4” diameter cylinder, you’re right in thinking that your dick will mostly be experiencing length stretching rather than girth expansion.

I know the cylinders are costly, but if you plan on getting big through pumping, it’s worth the investment. I personally have three cylinders in my bag, including my original 1.75” diameter cylinder and my regularly used 2.00” and 2.50” diameter cylinders.

Good luck to you.

P.S. - Interesting that you get such a large difference between your natural 7” BPEL and your pumped 8.5 - 9.0” pumped erect length. For me, I only realize a modest difference between the two measurements, i.e. 7.5” BPEL versus 8.0” pumped erect length.


hes is obviously extremely chubby

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