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Gforce cylinder

Gforce cylinder

Has anyone here used the gforce cylinders before?

If so, could you share your experiences?

For the experienced pumpers who haven’t used it, could you share your opinions on this product?

Here is the site:

I am not marketing the product nor do I have any involvment with them, there design just seems pretty different from everything else I’ve seen.

I have tried scouring some of the other pump/PE forums for reviews/experiences but have found nothing. There is a guy who advertises for them that posts on various boards but no outside reviews yet.


My first thought when reading the advert. Was that you would have t o shave the public area very closely as the flange would not sit very well on hair. Which is confirmed uin the advert lower down.

I would think most pumpers would find the ned to shave but with a non flange it wuld not be so necessary to shave all. But if you are happy with a bald shave then it seems a good idea But a bit expensive.

If you do decide to buy perhaps you could give some information on it’s use and performance.

One thing to remember is that with a 2” tube , If you are not of that size you will find it necessary to tie a ribbon around the top of your balls to prevent them being sucked into the tube. You may have to try several types of ribbon or material to stop this.

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