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Getting more length gains than girth with Bathmate

Getting more length gains than girth with Bathmate

Can’t post in the pumping forum yet.

Okay so here’s my routine

- 5 min warm up in warm water
- Few slow squash jelqs
- Enter bath mate as erect as possible
- 5-6 bath mate + a stretch at the end for 30-45 seconds
- Few slow squash jelqs
- 5-6 bath mate + a stretch at the end for 30-45 seconds

It can’t be because my girth fills the cylinder so growth can only be length wise. I have a very average girth of 4.7~ inches and after the above session it’s as high as 5.3 inches, I thought for sure I’d notice some girth gains but it all seems to be length so far (I seem to be moving up the ruler on the bath mate quite quickly).

Could it be because I’m going in 100% erect and pumping quite intensely? Would it be better to go in 50-75% erect with a little less intensity?

I’m confused, I thought this would really hammer my girth!

How long have you been using the bath mate? Are you talking about temporary gains because you used it or permanent gains that you noticed?

I’ve been using it for a few weeks. I think it’s too early to tell whether the gains I am seeing are permanent or not but when I get a regular erection (long after the Bath mate pump has faded), it’s definitely a little longer but the girth looks the same. I thought for sure it’d be the other way around, the girth would start to look a bit thicker but I wouldn’t notice any length.

I’ve been contemplating on getting the bath mate but haven’t really seen any proof from members that it works. From what I understand, penis pumps are only temporary gains.

This is a little discouraging, I was going to add the bathmate to my regiment.

Originally Posted by TheOneBC
This is a little discouraging, I was going to add the bathmate to my regiment.

Was thinking the same thing but I keep reading that penis pumps are only temporary gains. Maybe it’s a hit or miss kind of thing.

The success stories I read are pretty much the people trying to sell it to you. The other half is you don’t need to spend money to do PE.

Same thing for me just started using bathamte x40, it gives me more length then girth. I enter with full erection as you and max pressure. I will experiment with medium pressure and SSJ’s before I enter the BM to see how it affects expansion.(girth/length).And also SSJ’s + high pressure.

-======Goal BPEL 9.5x6======-

Drop all the stretching and stick with wet jelqs and the BathMate for girth.

And don’t measure more then every couple months. True gains from PE each month are very minimal.

Bpel: 8", Bpeg: 6", Mbeg: 5.75", Meg: 5.5", Aheg: 5.25", Heg: 4.5" - 11/18/11

Bpel: 8", Bpeg: 6", Mbeg: 5.875", Meg: 5.63", Aheg: 5.38", Heg: 4.75" - 5/18/12

Bpel:+1/4", Bpeg:6", Mbeg: 5.875", Meg:+1/16", Aheg: +1/16", Heg: +1/16" - 6/18/12

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