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getting a little soft need help!

getting a little soft need help!

Hey guys, I am very new to pumping so you will have to excuse my newbness. I read vaccum pumping 101 and decided that this would be a cool venture to go on, so I bought a pump.

I pumped for 2 days and it was great, I had a nice thick cock and a nicer FL for sure! I was walking around like the man! I combined this with my newbie program and was VERY pleased. However 2 days later I am turtling and limp :(

I suspect it MAY be over training so I have only jerked off once today and im going to take the next day or 2 off.

Has anyone here had something like this happen to them though? I have read that some people pump daily though so I did not think this would cause problems.

Any advice you could offer would be great thanks!.

Yeah the same thing has happened to me. Just take a couple days off, maybe a few more if it doesn’t get completely better by then. How many sets of pumping are you doing? When I tried doing 2-3 sets at 5-7 hg the same thing happened to me so now I usually only do 1 set or if I do a second one it will be significantly shorter.

I was doing about 2-3 sets of 5 mins at 4hg depending on my comfort level.

Yeah just try going less and see what happens, I know my flaccid stays much bigger if I do less, but then part of me wants to get a good workout so I guess I’ll try to find a middle ground.

Thanks for the advice! I think you are right, I did only start on Nov 1, 07 so maybe I just made the same mistake of taking it too far. Will see what happens once I’m getting some serious wood and then get back into it at a slower pace!

Anyone else had these issues?

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