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Gasket or seal help

Gasket or seal help

Hey Guys,

For a while I was using the plastic dip to help me seal & also not harm the pubic region using the tube from the pet store. The problem is that the plastic dip thingy ripped off & the tube is back to its original. Now when I pump it hurts really bad. I keep hearing about gasket…. I’m still a poor grad student who cannot afford the ones from pumptoys. Is there anyother place I can buy the same kind or similar ones that are cheaper…. Also are there any tubes that are more than 2” in width??? Please help & thanks in advance.

Just read back through the old threads here, ther’s lots of good ideas.

To answer the last part, here’s a list of suppliers:

Pumping Cylinder Sources!

Hope that helps! :D

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You could heat your tube over the stove and bend it out while it’s still warm. 5 or 6 seconds over stove on first inch of tube, wait a second for tube to cool on that part and flare tube out with fingers. Once I had a little bit of a flare, I heated it while turning over the stove, then pushed it down onto the counter top to really get that edge flared. Good luck.

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I read a thread on Thunders where someone posted a message with the words ‘roll your own.’ In it was a link to a site where you could buy the flange by itself. The idea was to buy the flange, buy the tube (6’ and cut it to length) and buy the top piece and make your own pump tube.

Dig around with the search engine on Thunders and with some luck you can find it. Maybe the flange will be within your budget.

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