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hi All,

Forgive me for not searching harder, but I’m combining a few ideas and wasn’t exactly sure what to search for (suggestions and links appreciated).

Years ago, I bought a novelty pump kit, which consisted of hand/trigger pump made of black plastic, a 8” cylinder (without a coupler, but attached to the hose) and a small doughnut / gasket.

I haven’t found a gasket (doughnut) since that had the same shape, but I found that I was able to put the doughnut on and then enter the cylinder, and get a great seal with no lube.

I’ve long lost that gasket, and find that anything I’ve used since requires a minimum of lube to make a good seal.

My problem with this is that the skin around my testicles gets pulled in to the tube, and stretched. I worry about getting saggy skin, and also find I don’t pack as evenly as I did when I had this gasket.

Does anyone have any unique tips on getting a good DRY seal, or techniques on how to avoid getting the sack skin getting a bit pulled in to the cylinder?

I’ve posted about this before and suggestions like putting a rubber band around the testicles haven’t helped much.

Thanks for any assistance,


5.5 x 4.5 going for 8 x 6 by the time I reach 100

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