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Gains related to packing a cylinder

Gains related to packing a cylinder

My question to the veterans:

How long after packing a cylinder did you see permanent girth gains? For example: I start out with a 2” cylinder and am not able to pack it, then over time I start packing the cylinder during my sessions and then continue with the 2” cylinder packing it every time. When during this process could permanent gains be expected? And, if permanent gains are achieved, has anyone seen or compiled a survey relating erect girth to maximum packable cylinder diameter?

I have read through several threads but didn’t find an answer to this. Hopefully I was not blind. I just started doing some pumping and am trying to develop an understanding on how to gauge possible permanent gains.

My understanding on this is totally related to the quality of the pumping & not the time spent in the tube OR the pressure…
…If you go into the tube hard and keep light pressure ( 3 - 4 hg’s ) and stay hard THAT is what produces results.

If you want your penis to look normal when coming off a pump routine you want to simulate an extended errection…
…Like keeping your dick hard for an hour or better NOT at high pressure but very low.
…Walk around with the pump on to keep the blood flowing which will prevent the dark look.

Remember, red dots are BAD and so is an abnormally dark dick.

Whats wrong with a dark dick regularwhite guy!

A dark dick usually signifies a poorly oxygenated dick. It is darker as a result of reduced blood flow.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Of course taking into account you didn’t start off with one that colour! If so you have to look for other signs of problems.

Yes, what tuggerjoe and Lampwick said…
…If you are starving the penis of blood so - that it turns dark those types of efforts work against gains.

It works the same for a black person or any other human for that matter….
…Keep the blood moving.

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