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Gain girth with with penis pump


It seems from various comments made by members that it rather depends on one’s make-up whether they are going to gain more in length or girth.

It’s something you only find out when you measure There are advocates for one or the other

‘Suck it and see’ is the usual comment. But I’m not sure its appropriate here :) .

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Hehehe, whatever, more length is ok IF I get girth.. I don’t want length because 60 or 70% of girls don’t like certain positions that I like because it feels not comfortable.

I don’t know I’m starting to think it’s a legend to get greater girth with anything =/, best way to get the most out of girth IS pumping? I’ve asked before but I don’t want gains just before the pumping, is it real permanent?

RBP, there isn’t a science to it (YET), but its my belief that pumping AIDS other PE exercises. I think pumping alone is beneficial but odds aren’t great that you will see permanent gains from it. When pumping is coupled with other exercises it makes the other exercises more effective.

You need to start conditioning your penis, the problem for you is if you do the newbie routine to condition your penis you will probably gain 1/2” in length and 0” in girth. I would do a modified newbie routine, I would NOT stretch, do slow jelqs and focus on girth only (ie: do not pull the penis so you are getting a stretch during the jelq). Do some short hand clamping for like 1 minute when starting out instead of stretching… increase this to 2 minutes when you get comfortable.

Once you’ve done this for a few weeks start to pump.

Once you’ve done that for a few months do ulis and clamping…. after a few more months do some bends.

2010.02: 7-1/8" Bpel | 5-1/8" Mseg | 5-1/2" Beg

2010.06: 7-1/8" Bpel | 5-1/8" Mseg | 5-3/4" Beg

Thank you, now I have a serious routine.

Originally Posted by RBP.
I can’t find a decent pump =/, starting to get discouraged with the pump adventure.

Try LA Pump or Pump Toys. I’ve never ordered from them, but they seem to have a good reputation.

LAPump has a special with a cylinder and pump , your size - for $139.00 .

Start Sept. 09 BPEL 5.5"

Now Jan. 14 BPEL 6.6" Goal 7.5 "x 6"

Improving my Best Friend in 3 Dimensions.

I have ordered from VacuTech, and they’re reliable in my experience.

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Originally Posted by irishjim
I have gained permanent girth from pumping. I don’t know what my starting measurement was, but I have been at 6” for many years now, including long periods with no PE. Adding heat to your routine (which I never did) should also help you in your quest for girth gains.

Is your 8” length a result of PE, or have you always had that? If it is PE related, is it BP or NBP, and what was your routine?

They say pumping is not permanent and pumping you achieved a permanent size ? Wow !! I have a pump with a gauge and doesn’t stay pumped for long.

I think pumping and manual PE is a good way for real gains

I have and LA pump myself and its definitely a quality product but expensive. You select the cylinder size you want, for you I would recommend 2 inch width and 10 inch length.

Can you hydro pump in any regular air pump, say from vacutech or LApump? If not, what would I need to get to do such a thing properly? Bathmate looks good, but I don’t ALWAYS have the patience to hydro-pump in the bathroom for 30 minutes. Or do I not need to use it that long? Also what pressure and how long?

Also, any one want to recommend a serious pumping routine. I have been doing PE for 8 year, and have gained some length and girth. Now at 6.25 EG, trying to get to a solid 6.75 girth. I’ve done clamping, uli’s, jelqing, stretches,.. You name it. My best girth came from clamping, which now, after a considerable break, I want to start doing again. I have been edging lately to prepare for getting back into PE expansion. I was thinking of incorporating pumping into my routine to get that super expanded, full erection every session. I find that when I am fully engorged, that my girth gains are quicker (almost like it cements my clamping at its engorged state), and when I do not get to 100% erection quality, my gains stop completely. I am assuming a pump will get me that full expansion every time, and after a nice jelq and clamp (or whatever else) session, I can pump a bit before and after and have that effort be worth a lot more. Feed back?


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