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foreskin blows up after pumping?

foreskin blows up after pumping?

hi. Does anyone have the same problem? My foreskin blows up after a session, it becomes bigger than my penis head, but it dies down to its normal size after about a day. It feels like it has liquid in it. Anyone know how to prevent or at least minimize this? thanks!

I think that’s just normal for a normal (wet/dry) jelq workout.
The whole skin is getting a little thicker than usual (mainly because there’s blood flowing around in order to heal the little wounds created by jelq’ing).
Nothing unusual and to be afraid of IMO.

Applying a vitamin E lotion, baby oil or vaseline to your dick during or after your workout can still help the skin to stay flexible (as in “not tearing”) and thus is generally seen as a good thing to do :)

How long in minutes do you pump?

How high of a pressure do you pump at?

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My foreskin is bigger in the flaccid state since I have been pumping and I was circumsized. Now it is slowly getting bigger.


You have what is called a donut, which is caused by excess lymph fluid being drawn into the outer skin layers.

You are either pumping at too high a pressure or for too long, or both.

What is your routine and how long have you been pumping for?

When after pumping i get the occasional donut. I find that as i’m cut, at or around the scar line seems to get quite tight and almost constrictive.

Although i am 5”EBG the shaft just under the gland is quite slim, 4.5”EG, which dose at least give the impression of a mushroom head. What would be the best way to evenly increase. I presently pump and wet and dry jelqu.


Have you read anything about pe and/or pumping? The reason I ask is this is a pretty common problem and is covered all over the pumpers forum. I’m concerned if you don’t know about donuts then you might not know how to pump safely. Please read as much as you can before going any further to avoid any potential injury.

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