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Flexible pumping cylinder--an advantage?

Flexible pumping cylinder--an advantage?

Being somewhat a “cheapskate” and not wanting to invest in a good cylinder until I knew whether I would take to pumping, I made my own very readily from a “caulking” application cylinder from Home Depot. It is 8” internal length and 1 3/4” internal diameter. You dump out the ingredients, wash out the plastic cylinder with strong detergent. rinse thoroughly with water, head to a gas cooktop burner, spin the open end in flame guickly and flange the edge outward for a comfortable fit. You snip off the filler nipple end to fit your vacuum hose, connect to your vac. pump (Harbor Freight), and you have spent $32.25 total for the whole rig.

Well, pumping feels good! My cheap cylinder performs well but there is an unexpected side benefit. The plastic is not super rigid. It would probably collapse at 8 or 9 hg but at 5 or 6 hg remains in form —-but here’s the kicker—it allows you to massage you dick somewhat while being expanded. It feels great and may actually have some benefit. When not massaging it returns to form and maintains the vacuum perfectly for as long as you like.

What do you pumpers out there think of a massaging cylinder. Should I go for a patent, lol?

I think you have a good idea there - keep us informed of your progress.

That is a good idea. A massage cyllinder.

Could you share any some picture.

Begining At 11.05.09: El 6.0" Eg 4.92"

Short Term Goal : El 6.5" Eg 5.2"

Long Term Goal : El 7.5" Eg 6.0"

Djrobins: I seem to remember you wouldn’t fit in that lil ole 8” caulking cylinder! Right?


I do not have a scanner nor the correct kind of camera. Sorry! In Turkey do you have stores that have building products that sell caulking guns and cartridges of all kinds like “Liquid Nails”? That is the kind of cylinder I am talking about. If so, and you inspect them, you will understand and visualize perfectly what I am talking about. The kind of pump I have mentioned is the type sold in auto parts stores for the purpose of bleeding brakes. Hope that helps.

Originally Posted by howardson
Djrobins: I seem to remember you wouldn’t fit in that lil ole 8” caulking cylinder! Right?

Nope. I never tried it, but I’m pretty sure its too thick. However this was always a good and cheap solution for someone wanting to come up the PE ranks.

If you could figure out a way to make a collapsible or inflatable cylinder you might have something.

FYI the patent process in the US costs $2000 and expires every 15 years which means it’s up for grabs by anyone.

Can’t condemn the clear silicon tube as I did the every same thing some 15 years+ ago when Tom Hubbard had the instructions on his site. You will find that the tube will collapse as the plastic fatigues, you will find that the thin tube will cut into your groin. Tom had instructions to wrap a lot of electric tape around the opening to widen it which did work but got all nasty from the tape. I covered this with a sections of motor cycle inner tube. That worked. After that I just bought a good cylinder. There are many more companies producing quality equipment at a relative low cost. Jim Diamond comes to mind. Anyway, I applaud your efforts but be forewarned that hurt is up ahead. Also, there are some physical concerns about a collapsible tube that compromises the properties of pumping and how penile tissue conforms to the rigid tube. Vacuum is not pressure from within but pulling the tissue which needs a steady environment to work properly. Not wanting to be a NEY-sayer but I’ve been there—done that; just think about it.

Originally Posted by Tennsteven
You will find that the tube will collapse as the plastic fatigues, you will find that the thin tube will cut into your groin… Anyway, I applaud your efforts but be forewarned that hurt is up ahead.

He said he flared the open end, so hopefully that won’t happen.

I’d be more concerned with chemicals leaching out of the porous plastic caulking tube directly into the penis. Pretty much anything available in a caulking tube is going to be loaded with toxic what-nots and other volatiles, and who knows how long those caulking tubes have been absorbing their contents. I wouldn’t trust a washing to decontaminate the plastic. Yikes…

I’ve been thinking about a flexible tube for some time, but I can’t locally source large diameter clear plastic tubing. If I can find sheets of flexible material then I intend to roll my own tube.

Well, for the curious, they were pics of someone using a flexible pumping cylinder. Looked like 3 to 4 inch diameter clear non-reinforced PVC tubing, like tubing you’d normally use for pumping but much bigger.

Online, I’ve found clear 2” ID flex tubing available by the foot, but it seems anything larger than 2” is constructed with ribbing and is too rigid. May have to get some 2”. Still looking…


Your remarks are certainly worth regarding. I believe the plastic is neither silacone nor PVC. I believe it to be simi-rigid polypropylene which has a No. 5 designation,(ie, safe for food storage) It is maleable in heat and if skillful you can form a very comfortable flange on the open end.

Sunlight does deteriorate it, but I don’t plan to pump on the beach. Otherwise it will not lose its semi-flexibility.
And, at 6hg or less, after you stop sqeezing it immediately returns to round shape and stays round for as long as you like.

Silacone is temperature unstable and PVC is somewhat toxic.

mspert: PP plastic is not considered absorbtive, being very dense. I doubt if you would pick up anything. Also, water based caulking you handle all day without gloves.

Any of you techy or med guys have info that refutes any of this, please come forward. Thanks

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