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Fleshy pocket anterior to head

Fleshy pocket anterior to head

I have been pumping now for a two or three weeks, and I am doing a 3 x 10 min workout about every other day. Also, I jelq 15 min after each pump set.

Here’s reason for my post: I’ve noticed near end of each jelq set that I am progressively accumulating more and more fluid underneath the head of my penis. That is, after first pump set/jelq set, it is only slight but building and by the third pump/jelq set, the area is heavily engorged with fluid (not sure its blood, speculate its lymphatic fluid but not sure—all I know, it doesn’t appear to be blood). So much so, that when I jelq forward, I come to a point near the end of my penis and cannot go further because there is a small bag of fluid hanging there.

After a few minutes/hours the bag of fluid/skin goes away, and by next day, its as though there never was any fluid there (nor loose skin). What the hell is going on? Is this something I should be worried about?

Also, I know I’ve been a bit zealous with my pressure when pumping, though I fluctuate pressure during each set rather than just pump up to a given pressure and keep it constant. Does this have any bearing on anything?

Thanks in advance for any insights.

Try pumping up to some level not highter than 5 HG and stay there for the duration of that set. Also, drop your jelk time down between pump sets. Instead of 15 min of jelks, try 3 - 5 minutes. See if that doesn’t make a difference.



Thanks avocet, though now I think I’ve developed another problem, possibly related to this fluid pocket condition. See “Bizarre flaccidity problem” thread if curious.

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