Flaccid to erect: 0.5 inch offset

Here’s something strange that I’ve noticed.

I’ve developed a personal routine that has a thorough warm up of more than an hour that culminates in 10 minutes of hG work followed by a 15+ minute cool down with massage.

Well, other than how rapid my gains seem to be (0.25” BPEL in under a month), the weird thing is every time I draw my max length in the vac tube it always winds up receeding by about 0.5” when I’m not pressurized but erect, but returns to the max length I was drawing in the vac tube when I’m stretching straight out while flaccid. Does anybody else experience this offset?

My interpretation is that hG work must reach or exceed your desired length plus 0.5” in order to achieve the actual erect size that you’re after. Then again, maybe it’s just me.

My advice for personalizing a routine is:

Stop when anything hurts
Moderation in all things
Rome was not built in a day and..
Greatness comes with a price.