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I am trying to get a hydro pump overseas which seems to be almost impossible. The only brand which sells pumps over here is Joel Kaplan and another independent one, but none of them carries hydro pumps.
Thats why I am going to get a Kaplan Cylinder and a MityVac Pump from an car parts store. The only problem is that Kaplan is refusing to sell single male fittings to connect the flexible tubing to their cylinders as long as you are not buying one of their pumps as well. That sucks…..
Well, I have convinced the independent manufacturer to send me a male fitting, but I wonder if this is a kind of industrial standard or if I may end up with a male fitting which will not fit the female one of the Kaplan cylinder. Both have this quick release vacuum holding system and look quite the same on the pictures.

Has anybody any experience with this fitting issue?

Oh, and the MityVac is only availiable without a pressure gauge over here. Do you think a gauge is essential?

Thanks alot guys!

MityVac wet use

oh I forgot something….

…. to ask about the MityVac pump.
I read that it is suitable for hydro pumping but does that mean that you can actually use in in the water or is it just a bit water resistant but getting damaged when dropped in the water?



I think LA Pump offers fittings without purchase of any other parts.

Can’t help you on the water pump side as my outfit is not compatible.

A pressure gauge is a very useful thing to have. Seeing where you are at any moment helps prevent you from going too far at high pressures. Going just a little too high might feel good at the time but can result in discoloration or tissue damage. That result will only stall you in your progress as you wait for healing to occur.



There is no difference between a hydro pump and a regular pump. If a company chooses to market a pump as a “hydro-pump” they are referring to the fact that the pump includes a cup attachment for catching excess water before it gets to the pump. I see no reason why a similar attachment couldn’t be added to any pump if you can find something suitable. I think most people that want to pump with water buy a Mityvac because both the plastic and metal versions come standard with a reservoir cup attachment.

It may or may not be advisable to completely submerge a pump with a gage, but I really don’t see why that would be necessary anyway. If you are pumping in the bathtub, you don’t need to submerge your pump hand. I don’t think mere splashing is a concern with any of the pumps.

One size fits all

All of the penis pump outfits buy their fittings from industrial producers (they don’t mold their own). So, you should be able to buy them from anybody, and use them on all of the standard vacuum cylinders. I got mine from LA Pump for around $8. You may actually be able to find them at a hardware or plumbing store for a lot less.

I’ve never seen a MityVac without a gauge, but it probably has a port where a vacuum gauge could be screwed into the top. I bought my MityVac from an auto parts store, also. It came with a gauge, tubing, and fluid catch-cup.

As Mushroom pointed out, any pump can be a hydro pump if you put a fluid catch-cup in the line between cylinder and pump. Do not drop any of the hand-trigger type pumps into the bath! Incidental splashing is no big deal, but water in the pump itself will cause problems. I pump in the bathtub about 25% of the time. It’s easy to pump to pressure, and then set the pump down beside the tub or disconnect it from the cylinder altogether.

Don’t let the fluid catch-cup get more than about half-way full before emptying it. And try to keep the line from the cup to the pump higher than the line from the cylinder to the cup. The object is to pull water out of the cylinder, while preventing that water from entering the pump.



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