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Fissure pics

Fissure pics

Here the pics. Thanks G Prent

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Those cracks are a lot different from mine and are located on the barrel of the cylinder where mine are located on the black end cap. Those cracks look pretty bad to me and I think you should contact LA Pump to see if they could arrange for a replacement cylinder. If somehow you could get that pic to LA Pump, I think they would agree to replace it.

Try emailing that pic to:

Make sure to remind them that you just received your pump and it hasn’t been mistreated.

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My LA pump got some similar but more severe cracks in it as well after leaving water and oxy clean in it for 12 hours. It was hard for me to believe that oxy clean did that.

Hi CAEVIAN, did you ask to LA PUMP about your crack?? And now, can you use still your pump?

Maybe should be better that everybody know this, before spend a lot of money.

The vacu tech pump, are more expensive but, maybe, better. But the pics of their product are

Identical at LA PUMP. I think are the same manufacturer..

BOHHHH, I’m confused, and hangry.

BYE populace of big penis.:)

G.PRENT, thanks again, I wrote now to LA PUMP, but I don’t thinks that they change mine.:(

They should replace it. If they will not you should still be able to use it as long as it doesn’t leak air or cut into your flesh. I doubt if the fissures go all the way through to the inside of the cylinder now, but may get worse under pressure. I have a tube that cracked on top where the nut screws in wouldn’t hold pressure. Mizz G ran it through the dishwasher, not a good idea. I patched it with some silicone epoxy and it works fine. But that is definitely a fault in the product and should be replaced.

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Hi big girtha!! Thanks for the answer.

I’m looking about your girth.. I’m shocked about your gain! Have you got a secret? (Please tell me,here, I’ll not say a word about:) )

1 question out:

Jelq it’s very boring for me (Pump it’s more enjoyable) what can you maintain the erection for so many time?

I’m crazy for girth, but, I have not all the excitement that jelq need to work.


LA PUMP answer me, that a new cylinder, will be ship to me “at no charge” .


Good to know that your getting a new cylinder! Did you send that picture in or did you just tell them the situation? I think I should do the same. I have been apprehensive about using my cracked cylinder. I think I should see if they will send me a new one as well.

Yeah but Caevian,

You chemically destroyed your cylinder. That comes under the heading you broke it, you bought it.

Ah ok, Thanks.

Originally Posted by columbia
I’m looking about your girth.. I’m shocked about your gain! Have you got a secret? (Please tell me,here, I’ll not say a word about:) )

Hell, why keep it a secret. I’m in great need of girth. My 4 3/4 girth gets my wife off, but sometimes I have to beg for sex. I’m thinking that she’ll be more willing to have sex if I add some girth. I ordered a pump yesterday to compliment my jelqing. I haven’t had any girth gains just from jelqing, so I’m hoping that jelqing after a good pump will give me more results.

Big Girtha, if you have any secrets or techniques that you can share, please do so. Thanx.

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