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First try at pumping: LeLuv vs. Bathmate


First try at pumping: LeLuv vs. Bathmate

Hey guys,

I started PE a few months ago with the newbie routine (jelqs, stretching and kegel), at 6.1” BPEL and 5.0” MidEG. I haven’t really seen any improvements so far, and am considering completing my sessions with some pumping.

From what I read here and there in many topics of this forum, it focuses mainly on girth (long term gains), and you get a bigger penis for a few hours after your session (short term gains). The reason I want to try pumping is for the latter, keeping a high level of motivation for PE is hard when results are not showing, and seeing those immediate temporary gains can help a lot, and seems quite fun. Of course, if I really get the hang of it and like it, I could become really committed to pumping.

The last thing I want is hurt my precious, so I have been doing quite a lot of research of which pump would suit me best to minimize the risk of injury, while potentially maximizing good results. So I came across a dilemma: air or water pumping? There is already a popular thread discussing this subject, and the answer seems to be that water pumping is more effective.

So from all the reviews I have seen, the Bathmate Xtreme X30 is the best at it, though it is quite expensive. But why is this pump so popular and yet so much hated at the same time? The problems I found with this pump is that it has no pressure gauge, which seems quite important to avoid injuries, and it is a “one-size-fits-all” while having a cylinder adapted to your girth might work best.

If I want to get round those problems, there is an air pump I found which fits all the criteria of a good pump: the LeLuv pumps (eBay).

Has any of you guys tried/compared those 2? Which one would be the best for me considering my penis size and that I am new to PE?

Thanks in advance, and happy PEing :)

I have compared the two. The exact two you mentioned. I still own them both. Skip the bathmate and go with the leluv setup. It’s more versatile, accurate and cost effective. The bathmate will give seal issues and most likely be the total wrong size.

Get the leluv set-up. It is better for enlargement as it has a pressure gauge so you can do consistent workouts and avoid injuries.

I have a bathmate as well as a hand pump and cylinder. I never use the bathmate. g263 is correct about seal issues and the likelihood of it being the wrong size.

Selecting Your Cylinder Size

Vacuum Pumping 101

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Thanks for the quick answers, appreciate it!

Do you think there is anyway to use the LeLuv set-up with water? Or is the classic warm-up with a hot towel just as effective?

You would need to get a reservoir cup like shown in the pic of my pump above. Probably could get that from any automotive store. Also you could try holding the pump up high in the air above your head, being very careful not to let water get into the pump.

Lastly I think once you’ve had some air pumping experience and know what proper pressures feel like, you could do what some other guys have done.

Fill the cylinder with water, detach the tubing from the pump, and draw the vacuum by sticking the tube in your mouth and sucking until you feel the right pressure. Generally speaking you are looking for less pressure than you would use for air pumping.

I’ve just purchased the Hercules (which is the same size as the X30) and I’m pretty much the same size as you. The cylinder fits fine, and I haven’t had any seal issues. I’ve used it the last 3 nights and I’m really satisfied so far, I’m already measuring .25-.5 inches longer bone pressed, with slightly bigger girth. I know it’s not permanent or cemented yet, but it’s really encouraging to see that so quickly. Using hot water feels really good and helps with expansion. As for the lack of a gauge, that’s true, but it also has a much lower max pressure than a standard air pump, and the water is gentler on the penis. I’ve seen a lot of people who have used both air pumps and water pumps say that you will get much less lymph buildup, and much less chance of a “donut,” using water over air. But I’ve never used an air pump, so I can’t attest to that personally. Also supposedly the pressure from the vacuum can compress the air in an air pump, so it can lead to uneven expansion and pull in different parts of the tube, whereas water can’t be compressed and therefore the pressure is even throughout the tube.

The only negative to the Bathmate for me so far is that the gaiter (the plastic part that you pump down with) can leave you sore around your pubic bone. I have no idea if other pumps have this problem or if it’s exclusive to the Bathmate.

Just thought I’d give you my initial positive impression of the Bathmate, since a lot of responses so far have been negative. I like it. It may not be the most cost effective option but it’s really convenient to not need a seperate hand pump and other accessories.

I just looked at the cost of the Xtreme X30 you mentioned. $299! Holy shit. If you do decide you’d rather go for a water pump than the air pump,I would skip that and get the Hercules. It’s the same size, the differences are no hand pump, lower max pressure (which is safer) and doesn’t have all the accessories bundled with it. I got the Hercules for $109 brand new, that’s basically 1/3rd of the cost.

And if you ever feel like you’ve reached the point where the Hercules’ max pressure isn’t high enough for you, I’ve read a lot of people who make a simple modification to it with a Vacu-Vin (wine bottle sealer) which can give you more pressure. I’ve never tried it, and again, no gauge, so you’ve gotta be careful and listen to your penis, and know what pressure feels right and what feels like too much. But it IS an option down the road.

I guess I will start with the Leluv since I am new to this, and need to get good idea of what pressure I should use thanks to the gauge. I might get a water pump later the diversify my workouts, and get more fun out of it.

Sta-kool what is your routine with pumping?

Thanks for your feedback DoinBigThings. You just got your Hercules, keep us updated about your routine and the gains you get with it!

I tend to have bad blood circulation (especially hands, feet and penis), so these parts can get cold really quickly. Do you think there is a way to keep my shaft and balls warm, like wearing a sock for example, so that blood circulation is better for gains, especially after my sessions?

I wrap my cylinder in an electric heated pad set on low to keep everything warm. Other guys have been using an infrared light during PE.

Here’s how I got acclimated to pumping:

Week ONE: single 5 minute set every other day
Week TWO: single 10 minute set
Week Three: One 10 minute set, One 5 minutes set
Week Four: two ten minute sets

That might be over caution, but ha ha that is who I am. Just keep track of your PI’s - if your erection quality is suffering too much, back off.

My newbie pumping program was one of gprent's, and it worked great for me.

Note: it is normal to come out of the pump only semi-erect.

- Masturbate to full erection
- Three sets pumping, 10 minutes each, pressure around 3hg
- Between sets, come out of the tube and stroke yrself until you get hard again.
- Then stick your penis back in the cylinder for the next set

- After your last set, do 10 or 20 slow massage jelqs to your semi. Then put on a stretchy cock ring and work yourself up to full erection. Keep that hard-on going for at least ten minutes. Then you are done!
- if you can’t get that erection after you come out at the end, that means you are over pumping. So next time back off on time or pressure until you get that full hard-on.

I would go one on/two off. Eventually one on/one off. Every day is way too much for girth work.

Routine can be modified easily as you get conditioned, eventually my sets were 15 minutes long, and I added a fourth set.
However when I first started the routine my sets were only 5 mins long. Slowly ramped up to 10 mins per set.

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Also here’s a thread where some good guys helped me figure out how to get a good seal between penis and cylinder. The ‘trick’ they taught me works perfectly every time:

Newbie can’t get a perfect seal — is continually pumping the pump ok?

Awesome, thanks for all the info. I can’t wait to get back home so I can order the pump, hopefully they will still have a cylinder my size. Also, did you get your heating pad online? I can’t find one not too big, and I don’t trust infrared light enough just yet, afraid they’d harm my balls.

Hey no problem! That’s why we are all here, to help each other grow big dicks.

Got my heating pad from a drugstore, a US chain. It is a little big but easy to fold.

I’m sure you’ve seen this, but this is a great sizing chart. Much more accurate than the pump vendors:

Selecting Your Cylinder Size

Regarding the cylinder size, since my Mid-EG is 5.1” and my Base-EG is 5.0”, I’m afraid that if I choose a cylinder of 1.75” I will outgrow it really quickly. Do you reckon a 2” cylinder would be better? Or is it better to fill up the tube entirely for a certain number of sessions in order to cement permanent gains? Knowing that I want to gain both girth and length, but focusing more on length.

Originally Posted by Zeed06

Regarding the cylinder size, since my Mid-EG is 5.1” and my Base-EG is 5.0”, I’m afraid that if I choose a cylinder of 1.75” I will outgrow it really quickly. Do you reckon a 2” cylinder would be better? Or is it better to fill up the tube entirely for a certain number of sessions in order to cement permanent gains? Knowing that I want to gain both girth and length, but focusing more on length.

My advice for what you describe would be to start with the 1.75” cylinder. Depending on your personal physiology, you may or may not pack (fill the cylinder wall to wall) the tube after a while, but if you do, you can still use it to focus on length. 2” would be too big for you at the moment.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

All right I’ll go with the 1.75” then! I just saw that the Leluv pumps have a max pressure of 3 Hg, isn’t that too low? Shouldn’t I be able to reach max 5 Hg?

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