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First try at pumping: LeLuv vs. Bathmate


Ah I did not know you were in San Francisco! Great city.

Ok zeed, here are the nearest harbor freight tool stores to San Francisco:…&state_input=co

That is the pump I have

You can of course mail order that $25.00 pump instead visiting the store. Here is the link again:

Brake Bleeder Pump Kit…-kit-69328.html

As to the cylinder, there is a gay oriented sex toy store in San Francisco SOMA called Mr. S. Leather. They have a great pumping selection. About 4 years ago when I was in SF I wandered in there after going to the gym I was working out at that was a block away. Got a great jackoff toy! The store is huge and staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Have since mail-ordered both cock rings and pump cylinders from them.

Cylinders are comparable to the LApump cylinders, I think they may indeed be rebranded LA Pump cylinders. Excellent quality.

The cost of a cylinder in your size is $69.95. The brass pump is also $69.95.

WARNING These links are so very ‘not safe for work’; pics of actual guys pumping:

Mr. S. Cock cylinder: $69.95…k-cylinder.html

Mr. S Hand Pump Deluxe with PSI Gauge $69.95…-psi-gauge.html

So a turnkey kit for 140.00 less tax.

Now you could get the Harbor Freight Pump and the Mr. S Cylinder and come in at $95 less tax. You would still need the male connector, but maybe Mr S would sell you that. I don’t see it on the website but you could call the store and ask if they have replacement male connectors

Hope this helps!

The cylinder you want

Looking at the reviews of this store, they clearly have quality products. Hope I’ll have the time to swing by downtown at opening hours!

Just a quick question, though I think I know the answer. If I buy their whole kit (cylinder + pump), but in the future need a bigger cylinder from a European brand, I just need to buy the male coupler adapted to the new cylinder, right?

Also, should I be concerned about the customs checking my luggage before my flight if I carry a penis pump inside?

I guess I will wait for the SF Pride Celebration and Parade to be over before going to the store, it might be crowded with all the festivities going on!

As far as I know the coupler is a standard size, so no problems. But if I’m wrong, your assumption is correct. You would only need to buy a new male connector.

I got my elliptical cylinder mail-order from Mr. S during a pumping sale a couple years ago, the build and finish is excellent. Again the staff really knows the merchandise so they will be helpful.

I have flown around the U.S. a lot, packing my pump and cylinder in my checked baggage. Have never had any issues.

The first few times I put a note in my luggage saying “This is a penis pump, I have erectile dysfunction and this helps.”

During post-9/11 intensity at US airports I do knowmy suitcase was inspected a couple times, as there was a note inside that said TSA has inspected your luggage. No problem at all!

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Thank you to the posters who helped me so much!! So my last question is before I purchase.. I need a 1.75 cylinder but the kits only have 2” and 1.5” should I go with the 2in? Just to be safe? Will it work ok?

Hmm I’m trying to avoid getting a pump and having to purchase the cylinder separately :/ we will see here.


Most of those kits seem like a waste of good money to me, as they through things in you don’t really need. Like lube, a silicone cushion or a DVD or whatever. Buy generic KY lube at the Walmart or Target. I have one of those cushions, it is useless and therefore never gets used. Who needs a DVD when you have thunders guys!

Just go to any one of the pumping vendors and buy both a cylinder and a pump, will usually be cheaper than the kit.

I just priced a 1.75 and a pump with a gauge at Boston Pump Works. Pump was around $60.00, cylinder was $56.00. That is all you need:…INDER-1.75.html

By the way, that is the cylinder I have. Bought it in 2008, still going strong.

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Sta-kool I followed your advice and went to Mr. S Leather. What a great store! The staff was really helpful and I found everything I wanted: the pump, 1.75” cylinder, lube and some stretchy cockrings. Everything is made of great quality, and I don’t regret having spent a bit more than planned. Thanks for the recommendation!

So I had my very first pumping session today, following your routine and techniques. The seal was perfect, no loss of pressure. I already pack the tube from base to mid-shaft. I don’t know how long is needed to see results, but I guess I will pack to whole tube quickly, and that’s good because I want to focus on length gains. I plan to mix pumping with the linear newbie routine, is that a good choice?

No troubles on this first try, did a few jelqs and stretching and massage my penis at the end of the session.

It feels awesome to see your dick huge like that in the tube!

Thanks to everyone on this topic, you guys were really helpful!

Zeed, that’s terrific news! Glad you got the gear you wanted and it sounds like first pump session was great.

Linear Newbie would work well with pumping. I didn’t know about Linear Newbie, but did a similar routine. Definitely grew.

Looking forward to hearing about your gains!

Originally Posted by G263
That leluv kit that only goes to -1in/hg is news to me. I wouldn’t waste my time with that particular one. It’s safe for sure, but not a whole lot of room for expansion. Pun intended on that one.

Hello all,

Sorry to bring up this thread but this particular comment caused me a bit of alarm as I purchased one of these “LeLuv Primo Kits” from LeLuv via Amazon yesterday as my first foray into the realm of PE, all I can find locally are the cheap “novelty” ones that still cost a pretty penny here. Due to Amazon and LeLuv’s efficiency it also shipped the same day so cancelling it may be an arduous task.

I happen to like the design, the reviews of their other pumps and went by what I saw on the gauge, which appears to be -1 to 3 bar on the main outer measurements with inHg and psi as the inner measurements. The description says positive pressure 0 to 3 in Hg, Negative pressure 0 to -1 in Hg (note the spacing ” in Hg”). I am really hoping that this is meant to be -1 bar in “inHg” which would be -29.533inHg and at the other end of the gauge 3 bar would be just over the shown 40psi, this would fit with the -1 to 3 bar gauge. I have attached a picture of the gauge so you can see what I mean.

I have emailed them for confirmation, I cannot understand why what appears to be their “flagship” model (based on pricing) would draw significantly less vacuum than their cheaper models, I’d argue my current partner could draw a higher vacuum with her mouth alone, hopefully she enjoys the full labia cup and clitoris tube attachments I also got so this can become a shared activity. Also of note, given I am in New Zealand, NZD to USD and international shipping takes quite the toll on the wallet so having to return it, unopened if they will let me will also be expensive.

When I get a reply I’ll post it up to avoid a potential money waste for others. If the description is misleading and it genuinely pulls well in excess of -1inHg I will put a review when I get to the required post count as I can’t find one anywhere (google)



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As I said I would, here is the latest email I have received from LeLuv, the first being acknowledgement of my email and that the CSR would find the info I required. It doesn’t specifically mention the MAXI but I asked which one has the greater capacity in my email prior to this response.

“My apology for taking so long to get back to you. The PRIMO is premium pump as it can go both positive and negative (pressure and vacuum). The description there has a different measurement units In. Hg vs mm Hg. They are actually have the same capacity but the PRIMO as I mention earlier has dual capacity.

Most customer finds that the PRIMO is a bit large and require strong hand to operate. If you find that it is the case, we will be happy to switch the pump for you.

Thanks again and have a great day!

Customer Service,
Home of LeLuv products
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Save more Luv more

:) I love my LeLuv pump. :)

5.3" NBPEL.

BPEL 6.5-6.7" Goal: Anything!

Girth: 5" but getting bigger. ;)


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