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First time pumping

First time pumping

Hey everyone. I have been PE’ing for about 7 months but have made little gains. My PE consisted of Wet/Dry Jelqs, All kinds of stretching, Horse 440’s, Uli’s, Fowfers, Kegels, and just about 2 months ago I started clamping. I do not feel I am making the gains I deserve for the amount of effort I put into it but I’m not complaining…if anything it makes me want to go even harder because I look read around and see all you guys making big gains shit, I want in!

So I’ve decided to start pumping. I got a 9”x1.5” pump from Vacu-Tech (figure if I’m going to pump, might as well get a high quality pump right?) and it came in yesterday. Yesterday was my first pump session and I really liked it, a-lot. My routine for now is like this, tell me if it’s good or not:

-2 minutes Rice Sock warmup
-5 minutes manual stretching
-1 minute warmup again
-10 minutes in the pump, 4-5 hg
-50 to 100 2-second jeqls
-10 minute cockring

Does this routine sound alright for this first week? Yesterday was my first day pumping and I have to say, I really do like the expansion I got while in the tube but the moment I took my dick out, it flopped back to its slightly-bigger than normal flaccid state. I was a little disappointed because I was under the impression that my dick would be super thick after pulling it out, or at least thicker than it was you know?

Anyways, I guess I’ll update this thread as time goes by, let you guys know whats going on with my pumping regiment. Feel free to offer any tips/suggestions I need them more than you think.

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Forget about results right now. The only thing you are pumping for right now is to get conditioned to pumping, so that once you are fully conditioned, then results will start kicking in. If you rush it or go overboard, you will only delay the conditioning process and thus delay results.

For the first week your routine looks OK, but you have to be the judge of whether or not you are going overboard. The most obvious sign of going overboard due to pumping is getting red spots or dark color changes.

Take it slow, be patient. That is the hardest part.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

I just finished my fourth pumping session since I got my pump 5 days ago. Everything about my routine is the same except today I tried using heat while I was pumping, as discussed in another thread. I warmed up my rice sock for 2 minutes before I started pumping and at first things were going great. I loved the more engorged feeling you get in your penis due to the heat…I was pumping at 4 hg and then suddenly I started getting scared.

My frenelum (Base of the head?) started burning real bad. I immediately took off the rice sock to discover that the cylinder was SUPER hot and when I tried grabbing the cylinder to move it around so that it stops burning my frenelum but it only made it worst. I let out a scream as my penis was being singed and immediately pulled the release trigger. I tried yanking the cylinder off my shaft as fast as I can but if you pump, you know that’s impossible to do as there’s still suction even after you release the air. Longest 2 seconds of my life.

I guess why I’m sharing this with you guys is just for you future pumpers out there…be mindful of how hot your cylinder is getting. Never underestimate the rice-sock.

On a brighter note, during my first pump session, I took a marker and marked the cylinder where the tip of my penis reached at max pressure. Today, the tip of my penis passed that line by about .2” It could have been the heat, who knows. All I know is that my penis is .2” longer int he tube today than it was 3 days ago. That’s gotta be a good sign right?

I’ll keep you guys posted. I’m planning on measuring at the end of the month.

Keep the rice sock as warm as it is comfortable in your hands. Common sense, that is.

Any updates?

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