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First time pumping.

First time pumping.

I purchased a Kaplan from my local store, taking advice from several members concerning Internet orders with “Sex toys”.

I drove for an hour stopping in every automotive supply store looking for a vacuum pump, all without success besides my last stop. I went into an Auto-zone that had just opened, and they have free tools to rent, and since this store was less than a week old, the vacuum pump they had was brand new, and aluminum! For 49.95, I picked it up brand new. Good start to pumping!

That night, it blew my mind how much expansion I received at only 5!

For at least three hours, I hung fuller than ever.

In the beginning, should I pump every other day?



Welcome to the “Wide World of Pumping”, Yep!

How long was your first session? 5 what?

Most guys get the best results from short, daily pumping sessions at low vacuum…


Thanks GM!

My first session was maybe 4-5 minutes at 5 in/HG.

I can already see myself becoming addicted!


Originally Posted by Yep

I can already see myself becoming addicted!


Another victim. :)



a yep, did it come with the attachments(female and male thingys the pros talk about) because I want to buy a cylinder from but it doesn’t come with a pump (I don’t think) so what all comes with it and was it easy to add to your kaplan cylinder ?

You can purchase a decent plastic pump with gauge from Auto-zone for 29.00, which also comes with all attachments. The one I purchased did not come with the connectors, but I believe they were supposed to, so I am going back there shortly.

Mostly any vacuum hand pumps are easily added to the Kaplan cylinder as long as they come with the connectors.

If you can swing it, I would buy the Boston because of the flange.

The Dr. Joel Kaplan is very comfortable, and you can buy it at your local “Video” store for around $70, which I know is a little more than online, but to me, was worth it considering privacy, reliability, and yes, for not having to wait.

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