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First Time Pumping - I Got Light Headed

First Time Pumping - I Got Light Headed

My first pumping session did not end well, but my penis and I are both fine now, other than the several red spots that will take a few days to heal.

Before I continue, I must emphasize that I was on a six week decon break before today. Guys, take it easy when you start back up. You are like a newbie again, and your penis is not ready for intensity. Learn from my mistake.

So here’s what happened tonight:

I was very excited to try out the pump I just received. I was worried about getting a good seal, and used a fair amount of force pushing the pump into my body. This elevated my heart rate even more than the nervousness already had, and I should have waited before continuing, but foolishly, I did not. I intended to do a 10-minute set at 3 Hg and just couldn’t wait. So I achieved a good seal with KY and water, and pumped away. It was quite exciting to see my penis moving forward with the dropping pressure.

It appeared as though I was packing the tube at the base, but it was just fat pad and upper scrotum filling with fluid. Nonetheless, my penis looked veiny and quite good. I was only able to maintain this for a minute before I felt too much scrotum being squeezed in and had to release and start over. On the second try, the same thing happened and I released again after another minute. The third time was the charm. I got up to 2.5 Hg and held it for a good five minutes. At that point, I figured it couldn’t hurt to do the last three minutes at 3.0 Hg.

That was a mistake. Almost immediately upon increasing the pressure from 2.5 to 3.0, I started to feel light headed. I hit the release valve and slipped the tube off. Everything got blurry as I went to go sit down, but I didn’t get far. My knees buckled and I collapsed to the floor, quite violently. For the next five minutes, my left ear was ringing and a headache persisted. I was hyperventilating too.

After a few minutes, I got my bearings and washed up. The red spots were many and a few were somewhat larger, although nothing unusual. Worried that my penis may had lost some functioning, I masturbated and I am happy to report I got decent EQ and shot a healthy load.

Overall, this was a harrowing experience, and unnecessarily so. I will attempt pumping again when the red spots disappear. Jelqing never caused spots like these, so I feel that if I pump wisely, I may get some nice gains.

But what to make of getting light headed? I’ve never collapsed like that, and healthy erections have never been a problem in the past. Pumping somehow seems to have caused a temporary drop in blood pressure or something similar. I hope some others may be able to share a similar experience or provide some insight into this situation.

I wish I could share a similar experience, there have been times where I’ve been starting a pumping session and I don’t get it on right and it pinches a nerve and I keel over like a baby while releasing the pressure. No light headedness though. Could it just be nerves? Try some nice chamomile tea beforehand and see how that helps.

The nerves certainly did not help, but I think I figured out the major factor:


“When the blood pressure is too low, not enough oxygen-rich blood is being delivered to the brain, and its function can be affected … Low blood pressure may be the result of an underlying illness or disease, or it may be a normal physiologic condition. Some common reasons for low blood pressure include the following:
- Anemia

- medications for erectile dysfunction that can dilate blood vessels.” (emphasis added)

Since I have a form of anemia and pumping surely dilated my blood vessels, even 3 Hg in the pump was too much for my body to handle. I don’t think I’ll be pumping any longer, and that’s too bad. I was very excited about it, but the risk is too great. Back to a regular manual routine I will return, and it’s a bummer to be out the $160 or so for the pump, but I gotta live and learn.

Be careful, guys.

What is your age? I’m real confused. 1. If you are using viagra or similar stuff while pumping, I can see how that would attribute to what you describe. If you use it again, same thing will happen EVEN IF you do not pump. So are you giving up never getting an erection again. Maybe you took too much. 2. Pumping without ED medication at a low Hg. is going to pull lymph fluid into the penis, somewhat and possibly dilate blood vessels in the penis area but NOT in the brain or other parts of your body. This in my understanding is not going to displace any blood loss from the brain. If the anemia is the real problem, then you may need a yearly transfusion or blood builders to put you on a even keel. Before doing drastic measures like changing a total life style, talk with your doctor and be honest about getting dizzy when you have an erection. He may prescribe something different than what you read and accept on the web. Let us know what happens. I sorta follow these conditions and would really like to know what the cause. I even have some thoughts about anxiety attacks, heart conditions, blood disorder or deficiencies. Could be just a one-time occurrence, heat, or a number of sudden things that are not worth worry about. I’d still see my doctor and bring it up…the occurrence that is…

I’m in my lower 30s. Let me make this clear: Viagra was not involved, and I have never used any ED drug.

I was examined at the hospital last night. All vitals and tests were normal. My understanding is that the light headed feeling and dizziness are caused by a drop in blood pressure, which leads to a reduced supply of oxygen to the brain. When you faint/collapse/fall, being flat on the ground allows blood to once again reach the brain, so this is somewhat of a defense mechanism. And in fact, that’s what happened to me. After a few seconds on the floor, I started to feel normal again, except for my ear ringing, which went away after a few minutes. Apparently, the low blood pressure causes that symptom as well.

Erections are not an issue. I have had several since that moment, and all felt fine. It was when pumping that I felt the symptoms I describe, which are also listed as possible Viagra side effects. My feeling is that someone who has any condition, particularly a blood condition, that could render them unfit for Viagra, is well advised to approach pumping very cautiously.

I know why…
I’ve read reports similar to this where guys as young as twenty experience angina-like symptoms from vigorous masturbation or intense oral sex where the head of the penis is over emphasized. Unknown by most of western culture is the fact that the head of the penis is a pressure point connecting to the heart.

I can testify under oath that I have had the same exact experience with a fluttering heart rate and exhaustion after a pumping session from being too amped up with sexual energy. The remedy for myself took a few months to find but came simply none the less. Perform just 5 minutes of lower body stretches/yoga and massage your stomach and back down towards the pelvis. Once you’re ready to start pumping breath slowly and take your mind off of anything too sexually stimulating. If you start to develop a “sex flush” or quickened breathing and a rapid pulse take a few minutes from your routine to calm down.

When I first started reading the initial post, I thought you had a massive unit which when pumped drained 30% of your blood supply from your body. Alas, it was caused instead by a low blood pressure condition. Sorry to hear that, because pumping has significantly improved my sex life.

If it is not too uncomfortable for you , I would discuss it with your doctor. Perhaps he may have a solution to your pumping problems. I have ED so I always take Viagra and pump prior to sex and have never encountered any problems remotely similar to yours.

You also mentioned red spots on your penis after pumping. These are usually caused by high vacuum or extended time under vacuum, neither of which you attempted. Perhaps your gauge is malfunctioning and you are pumping at high vacuum without knowing it. Try pumping only to the point where you can first feel the effects of the vacuum and see if there is any improvement.

However, you know your body better than anyone so do what you feel is best for your health.

Originally Posted by TheGreatDivider
Unknown by most of western culture is the fact that the head of the penis is a pressure point connecting to the heart… I can testify under oath that I have had the same exact experience with a fluttering heart rate and exhaustion after a pumping session from being too amped up with sexual energy.

This is very accurate as to what happened to me, and with my condition, it created the combination that led to a rough experience.

Originally Posted by dtwarren1942
Perhaps your gauge is malfunctioning and you are pumping at high vacuum without knowing it.

This is a very real possibility, but I was using a brand new LA Pump, and I understand that brand to have a very strong reputation. A defective gauge seems unlikely. The session was indeed quite intense; however, I have nothing to compare it with.

In any event, I am strongly leaning towards quitting pumping after just one session, and it upsets me greatly. Before I lost control, I enjoyed the experience, and it appeared my penis did too. I see a potential for gains on which manual exercises have failed to deliver to any significant extent. And I spent a lot of money on that thing! It’s one thing to injure your penis from PE. With intense routines or an overzealous attitude, it’s almost expected. But when PE leads to problems elsewhere in the body, that’s cause for serious concern.

The first time I used my pump I had to quit before I ejaculated in the thing - I no longer have anything close to the same feeling when using it now. I suggest giving it another shot while being mindful of the warning signs. It may be that your body just needs to get used to it.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

Katts, probably a vasovagal response. It’s the same reaction that causes some men to pass out when having blood drawn or an IV started. Use your pump sitting or lying down until you’re sure it doesn’t happen again. For more information you can Google vasovagal.

Katts, just a quick question to rule out the obvious….

You did put the pump over the head of your penis, right?

(If you have trouble making the cylinder fit over your ears, you’re putting it in the wrong place. :) )

Seriously, though, I think LeftCoast is on the right track. Take a look at this:

and tell me that it doesn’t sound a lot like what you’ve described.

I don’t think you need to worry about this having been caused by your dilating the blood vessels in your penis. If you’re using relatively modest vacuum as you describe, you’re not doing a lot more dilation that you get from a regular erection, and you haven’t reported problems with that. I think the passage you cite about medications dilating blood vessels and causing dizziness is a potential problem when it’s happening whole body (systemic), and not just localized as pumping might do.

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