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First Pumping Session


I stopped worrying about getting a perfect seal a long time ago. Between milking the tube and kegeling and wrapping heat pads, there is a lot of tube movement and that can cause some leakage. Also, as it turns out, it is better to pump with a varying pressure anyways. Holding a constant pressure just leads to blood stagnation and that leads to discoloration. As long as you don’t have major leaks, I wouldn’t worry about it and major leaks are usually found due to a leaking connector. I wrap the threads of the connector that screws into the cylinder with Teflon tape and that seals very well.

As far as lube goes, I find it really takes just a little bit to make a good seal at the base. I find the lube to be more important to be applied all over your cock so it doesn’t get hung up inside the tube. I always thin the lube after I apply it with some warm water to keep it really slick before entering the tube. I have never used astroglide so I am not sure if it is as thick as the KY equivalent lube I use from Target of Wal Mart. The Target or Wal Mart brands go for less than $2 a tube, so you can save a little money there. :)

I have never had a burping sound, but that sounds like a leak between the cylinder and your skin. Are you applying the lube all over your cock? That will really help with a 360 degree seal at the base as your expand.

Today went much better without any burping. All I did was use the AG very lightly around the lip of the tube, and I had no problems. I make sure that I get the lube all the way around my cock, everytime. I’ve been making sure that my scrotum is dry at the beginning of each set and this has helped also. I got a new heating pad, and it kicks ass. It doesn’t get too hot like the old one, and if I forget to turn it off it automatically shuts off. The only problem with that is if I forget about it, it will shut off during my sets.

I will say that I like the “free-ness” or slickness of AG over the Walmart store stuff. I used it first but this really lets me get into the pumping in a bit more sexual way.

GPRENT, I adjusted my sets to three at ten minutes each. I am getting quality expansion each session and ending with a nice erect massage. I was wondering when it was appropriate to add a set or increase total number of jelqs? That seems to be a bit of a mystery to me at this point.

I think it is best to stay about right where you are for a couple of months at least. You don’t have to keep adding more and more as eventually you reach a point of diminishing returns. The most important thing right now is to just stay consistent and injury free.

Thanks GPRENT. I do appreciate it. I got to thinking about the extended set and even though I ended with a solid erection I was having a bit of a donut problem right at the circ scar. I by no means have a problem growing my foreskin back, but having a big bulging deformity right at the head of the penis on the right side is a bit unsighlty. I’ve scaled back a bit, like I said, to three sets of 10 minutes with 100 jelqs in between and erection massages between sets (getting solid wood). This really kicks ass, as I’ve noticed an increase in girth and a bit in length as of today and it’s about 4 weeks in. Should be interesting to see if I keep gaining at this pace or if I’ll need to take a break at some point. Any thoughts about taking breaks GPRENT?


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