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First Pumping Session

I expect the heat relaxes the tissues and lets them expand more easily, with less stress.

Regarding length of sessions, I now try to do two 15 min. Sessions a day, if I can fit them in. I usually find the second session easier and get significantly more expansion.

GPRENT, when you say add more time, does that mean more sets or more time per set?

I’ve noticed that when I pump my scrotum gets sucked into the tube. Not my testicles, just my scrotum. Is this a normal thing?

Originally Posted by millionman
GPRENT, when you say add more time, does that mean more sets or more time per set?

You could do it either way. Right now, I am concentrating on more time per set, but even though I stay in the tube longer, I release pressure back to about 1 or 2”hg every 5 minutes for about 30 seconds or so and then go back up in pressure.

Originally Posted by millionman
I’ve noticed that when I pump my scrotum gets sucked into the tube. Not my testicles, just my scrotum. Is this a normal thing?

It’s pretty normal. When I do my pressure release thing every 5 minutes, I use that time to use a dry wash cloth and pull the scrotum out and dry off the excess lube.

I did that today as well. In between sets after my jelqs I dried off my scrotum. One of the things I’m having trouble is burps, where the tube is losing seal or I’m losing erection in the tube. Is there anything to do in this instance? I’ve been putting a bit of astroglide around the rim of the tube, and also putting a bit of lube around the base and area that will be pulled into the tube. I have noticed improvement doing this, but it’s fairly common, so far, for my first set to not have a good seal regardless. Any thoughts?

Hey GPRENT, I used the pressure release method today and got great expansion. I used it on my final set and went for about 25 minutes total time in tube, but released pressure up and down every 5-6 minutes. I ended the session with a solid erection as usual, and had very little fluid buildup. I would drop the pressure all the way down to 3 and stay for 5 mintues then go up to 5 for 5 minutes and then up to 7 for five minutes. This worked extremely well. I did 100 jelqs afterwards and I measured for the first time since receiving my pump and topped out at 5.75” and nearly 6” at the base. I know that’s post pump session girth but it is indeed impressive.

What are your thoughts on using this method as part of my routine, or is it just one long pump set?


Sounds to me as though you are starting to get the hang of it. Your routine above sounds great. There is no one right way to pump and you should not get stuck just trying it one way. Every time I think I have found the perfect routine, I end up finding something I like better. So don’t be afraid to think up new stuff. A couple of techniques I always use are: pump up slowly, vary the pressure up and down, wrap the tube with a heat pad, don’t use extreme pressures, always end with an erect massage.

What is working well for me right now are long sets with pressure releases every 5 minutes down to 1 or 2 and then back up to 5, 6 or 7’hg.

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Originally Posted by millionman
I’ve noticed that when I pump my scrotum gets sucked into the tube. Not my testicles, just my scrotum. Is this a normal thing?

Yea, that happens quite often. Doesn’t feel that great!

I liked the extended set, or the varied pressure method. I could definitely feel the pressure even at low hg when I went all the way from 7-3 hg. I may just do one long set tomorrow, but at the same time I enjoy the jelqing between sets so I may just end up using the same template that I used today and go for two “standard” sets at 10 minutes with 100 jelqs between and finish with a longer set of 20-30 minutes varying the pressure every 5 minutes and end with 100 jelqs.

I think my constants are the heating pad, astroglide, milking and kegeling in the tube, and paying close attention to the pressure gauge, and above all else end with a solid erection. I also spend about 5-10 minutes just staying erect once I’m done with my sets, and massage/jelq my scrotum a bit to keep things loose.

YEP, I noticed that if I pump too quickly that it sort of sucks in a leviator (testicle) under the skin that meets with the tube. That doesn’t feel nice at all. I have to pull the tube away from the area, in a milk fashion, and it helps a bit. First time that happened I was not happy at all.

In my list of constants I forgot milking and kegeling in the tube. Those are definitely a part of my everyday routine.

Rent, How long do you usually stay in the tube during your pump/release sets? I want to make sure I’m not over doing it, as I went up and down every two minutes no higher than 7 and no less than 3, for 30 minutes or so. It went well, with a decent amount of fluid buildup over the prolonged set, and I finished with 100 jelqs and a nice erection as always.

Also, is an erection massage just getting a nice hard-on or is there something to it?

Who the hell is rent? :)

Yes, an erect massage is just getting a nice hard-on and enjoying your post pump size and it also serves as an indicator you have not gone overboard in your routine. If you can’t get it up, then you have gone overboard. My set currently lasts for 45 minutes, but I suggest you stay where you are for now.

I thought I would stick with a 1-2 ten minute set to start with and use the third set as my pump/release set lasting from 20-30 minutes at max. I think 20 would work just fine with a pressure release every 2 minutes and finish with 100 jelqs at the end.

GPRENT, my apologies.

I bought a new heating pad this evening, and got some more astroglide. Is it necessary to use a thicker lubricant to ensure a good seal or will AG work? I’ve been having instances of losing pressure in the middle of a set, and I haven’t really figured out why. It is possible that I’m using too much lube for the seal, but it seems ok and then I hear these burping sounds and the pressure starts dropping. Any ideas?


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