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First Pump session reflections


Originally Posted by dansan
After two month pumping following the Avocet advices, my erection is impoved.

Ditto. Damn thing wakes me up early every morning and lasts an hour or two. I firmly believe this is a very useful method. I always precede pumping with a warm-up, stretches and jelqs, and follow it with more jelqs, squeezes and a warm-down. I usually do two 15-min. sessions per day, sometimes three.

here is my question about the jelqing between sets,which I do. My dick is rock hard,so is rock hard jelqing bad to do right after a pump set? I mean I do not feel any discomfort nor do i jelq hard.

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Personally, I go for a 5-min. hot shower immediately after pumping (sorry, should have mentioned that) to regain blood flow. This usually also softens me up sufficiently for jelquing. Jelquing usually gets me back up to 90-100% after a while, in which case I do a few bends and/or squeezes. I don’t jelq at 100%, and don’t really see any benefit to doing so (IMHO).


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