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Finding your optimum vacuum setting.


That’s good info, tally. The reality is, with any form of PE, even a slight injury site which is continually aggravated can become a weak spot on the penis. It then takes very little PE to get it going again - much like the doughnut effect; the more you have of them, the more you are likely to experience.

I’m going to bump the Condom Pumping thread. We haven’t talked for some time about that and although I am still somewhat mystefied by the proccess of it, condom pumping does give much longer-lasting engorgement every time I do it. Like you, into the next day. It’s weird. A little expensive with two, and weird.

Good to hear from you. Always is.



Thanks, Avo. I wasn’t posting much while my pump was on the shelf. I’ll try to restrain my enthusiasm from pushing it so much. It is quite addicting though when you get that great workout and great results and want to keep pushing it. I wasn’t totally idle though from PE. I dusted off the old hanger and knocked (it reminded me of how much better pumping felt) and did some manual stretching also.

Hey Guys:

Have read the whole string yet, but believe me—set that Vacuum too high for too long—forget the donut—you’ve got blisters. Shortly after Christmas after being “off the pump” for a couple of weeks, I got blisters big time. HG. My guage was not exactly right. I though I was at 5 Hg. but really at 9Hg. It takes a blister about two weeks or longer to heal. Stick with the lower Vacuum and plenty of breaks in between. 10-12 Minutes are pushing it but believe me as I said—Donuts are nothing compared to blisters. Steve

Hate to say it, Steve, but good to know what the top end of pumping can do. Ouch.

Anyone else notice the absence of the donut if the erection level inside the tube is a solid 100%?

If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?


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