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Finally packed my 2' Cylinder!

Finally packed my 2' Cylinder!

Good evening everyone, just had a great session! Here is a little bit of background of what I have been doing: I moved up to a 2’ cylinder almost immediately, the 1.75 was not big enough when I went into the tube when I was rock hard. The 2’ cylinder seemed way too big for me, but I didn’t give up for the past 3 months. Just now, I finally started to pack the 2’ at the base, up to about 3 inches on my shaft. Finally! I thought that was never going to happen, and today just happened to be the day it packed.

My workout is like this:

Hot rice sock for about 10 minutes
Jelq/get myself very erect for 5 min
Pump 15 min (always in a cylinder that is wrapped with my rice sock)
Wet Jelq for 5 min
Pump 20 min
Wet Jelq 5 min
Pump 20 min
Wet jelq 10 min

I begin my pumping with lower pressure, the second and third sessions I will increase pressure. I don’t use a gauge anymore, I know what the difference between pain and tolerable ‘pain’ from the expansion is.

I do this workout 3-4 times per week. I think I am going to just do it every other day now though, as I believe I might have been overtraining my dick.

Also, I will do manual strecthes either before I go to bed or when I get up in the morning. I perform those with a latex glove and I do them 3-4 times per week, for roughly 20 minutes.

I’ll measure next week to see how I’m progressing.

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Congrats on a job well done!

Any unpumped gains as of yet? Great job on the “pack”age.

One foot to go

That’s a great report. Let’s see where you are when you measure. Don’t freak if you are not 3 inches longer and 1.5 inches wider. Every small gain counts.



Congrats on packing that tube. I need to move up from the gravel cleaner tube. Just too cheap to take the next step. Torch, are you getting much lymphatic swelling pumping that much? I would swell like a baloon if jelqed and pumped that much, but then I don’t have a gauge yet either.

Keep up the hard work.


Actually, I really haven’t noticed much if any fluid build up. I have never gotten any type of donut effect that I read about either. However, sometimes I don’t wipe the lube off 100% and I notice some skin likes to creep it’s way up(turkey neck?) into the tube. I try to make sure I get it all off, but we all know how messy wet jelqing can get.

And I am using the gravel cleaner as my tube, too. I will get a good setup when I’m not broke as a joke, but for now it is doing it’s job. I used the foam kneeling pad idea at the base, with some of this stretchy rubber attached and that is what makes contact with my skin. It creates an excellent seal.

Things are definitely looking up for me with PE, this site is great and everyone is very ecouraging. Thanks for the positive feedback.

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