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Finally discovered pumping

Finally discovered pumping

Hi guys,

Just got my new pump (from LA Pumps) a week ago, and my god I think it’s amazing! I can’t believe I did 5 months of PE and never tried pumping.

I got it shipped to me and the guy that brings the parcels to my office was held up in customs while they were asking what’s in the box, he called me from there and I tried to invent this story that it’s this musical equipment, anyhow - they didn’t buy it and had to open the box, so when the guy came to bring the parcel he had this smile on his face, it was kind of embarrassing but I was so happy to get it that I thought - what the fuck! :)

It does get so much bigger!

Now from what I’ve read there is so much conflicting opinions about what’s the best way to go and how permanent are the gains if at all.. some say to pump at low pressure. I’ve spoken with this guy that has a 9 inch thick (!) penis, he says he’s been pumping for years and he got his thickness from it (though he started off big already), he contributes his gains to pumping at very high pressure..

Also I’ve heard people talking about pumping cementing gains from other PE exercises, so you think it is best done after jelqing or squeezing?

I would love to hear the opinion of the more experienced pumpers about these issues, also maybe you could give me some feedback on the pressure I use:

I do 2 or 3 sessions of 15 minutes each with a 5 to 10 minutes break between them, and I start with a pressure of 3.5 Hg, then after a couple of minutes move to 5 Hg and after about 10 minutes I might go to 6 or 7 Hg.

Now sometimes I feel some pain on the base, I’m not sure why. But in general it seems my penis is getting along just fine with this, also I think it increased my erections, before when I was jelqing I would sometimes find it hard to maintain a 70% erection, while now I seem to get too erect while doing it..

Anyways, any feedback will be appreciated,




My advice is to avoid high pressure for the simple reason that you will also avoid distortions in your penis. One thing to have 9 inch girth, another if it looks like mangled meat. Slow and steady wins this race, I think.

Re: erections. After some weeks of regular pumping you may see also an increase in the quality and frequency of nocturnal erections. This is a very healthy thing. Helps the whole penile vascular system to be come more functional.



Thanks avocet8,

I’m not too sure what is considered high pressure? Is 5Hg too high?

Try to go no higher than 5 on your gauge. At least for a few weeks.

Your delivery story gave me a laugh. Try packing your pump and cylinder in your carry-on luggage some time. I thought I was going to be arrested when I did. The female security guard even held it up in the air for other guards and fellow passengers to see. She asked if it was part of SCUBA gear. I said “Yes!”



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Hey Avocet8, Sound Familiar! LOL!! :D

“Hawaii Pumper suggests that if Security asks you what you’ve got there, tell them it’s a bilge pump for your sailboat, or some hydroponic equipment.”

This is a quote off of tigerpump.


I told Tiger that story. Didn’t realize it went to press.

The problem of course in transporting a pump in carry-on is that the pump mechanism will show up in Xray and get attention. Should be safe to put it in a checked bag. Even if they open the bag to verify that the device is innocent, you won’t know that and won’t have to blush.

It’s the cylinder you don’t want waved around. Sheesh!



I would hate for that to happen infront of family! :)


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