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Filling up the tube!!!

Filling up the tube!!!

I have just finished 1 month of pumping with the majority of my time spent pumping this past week after my hanging scare and my dick has never been so pumped up.

I have a 2” x 11” tube and already I filled up the first 3” starting from my base, and about 75% leading up to my head.

I do 10 min pumping at 4-5” for the first 5 mins then I up it to 6” for the next 5 mins. Then I would take it out and jelk for 5-10 mins and finish up pumping 5 mins at 6-7” and complete with 7-8” for 5 mins.

This pumps my penis up tremendously. The pump is hard my flaccid all day looks good. I will do this routine once three days of the week, and twice 3 days of the week and take Sundays off.

The way things look, I will have to order a 21/4” tube in the next 2-3 weeks. Girth looks very impressive. Will measure on Monday after taking 2 days off for the penis to get to its normal state.

I tried 10 mins pumping at 4-5” pressure, but it wasnt giving me a good pump but when I increase it after 5 mins to 6” etc, my pump was very impressive.

Hey, kabar;

Good going. To move from a 2” to a 2.25” tube is a major graduation step. To move from any size to the next size is a major graduation step, I think.

We’ll be looking forward to hearing if you’ve made normal erect gains.




What was your hanging scare? I use a bib hanger, which I have no problem with at all, but am thinking of alternating with pumping. My one issue is that I need a life outside of PE. Of course, hanging takes up a lot of time, pumping seems to take less. I am prepared to put in the time, I’m committed to this, but if I could make it a bit easier, I’d like to. Why did you go from hanging to pumping and would you ever consider doing both? Thanks very much, Glenn

Hi Glenn,
i sort of overdid my hanging routine. I hung 15-17 lbs for 20 mins and when I felt fatigued, I should have taken some weight off to maintain it, instead I kept the weight on and gritted the remaining time. So on my fourth set, I got a shocking sensation on the underside of my penis, and after about 10 mins into my 15 lb routine, I didnt have any feelings on my shaft, but I had some feelings on the head.
After trying to jelk some life into it, nothing worked until the next day. Very scary. I thought I had damaged it for life. But I was wrong.

I think hanging followed by pumping is very good. I did it for 3 weeks before my scare which contributed tremendously to my good base girth.

Now that im only pumping for the next 2 weeks, my penis is filling up and my curve is sort of straightening out because of the thickening of the shaft.

I tell you, there is no better sight than a pumped up penis after a good pumping session. My base about 3-4” from the shaft is about 6.5” after pumpng. Very thick.

My progress in pumping came after I started keeping a continuous stretched feeling of my penis in the pump.

While pumping, if you increase pressure another 0.5” and your penis increase in the tube another quarter of an inch, then I will squeeze another 0.5” and maintain that tight feeling in the tube, but if you feel a stinging sensation, then you need to decrease the pressure. This is the feeling I maintain, and after my session, my dick is all thick and hard.
Avocet8, thanks for the encouragement. Will keep you posted.

Thanks very much, Kabar

for you reply. I’ll print it out a put it in my files. Think I’ll start pumping, too, but only with avocet’s guidance. He’s sort of the guru of pumping on Thunder, very wise and level headed.

Have a good Sunday, Glenn

Glenn, I don’t know about “guru” but it’s nice to hear. In fact I’ve learned tips and tricks along the way from other pumpers in this forum.

I know exactly what kabar is doing with establishing a “tight” feeling and I admit I do that myself sometimes. It is effective, but that .5 of pressure is a fine line between maximum safe pull and too much. If I go over that feeling he is describing by just another tiny tad of pressure, I almost always get some discoloration - in my case on the frenulum, just under the cock head. Since this is probably the most sensitive area of the entire penis in masturbation and in sex, I don’t want it damaged and probably you guys don’t either, so be careful. :-)

The pumped-up look after a good session feels and looks terrific and sure is also a great encouragement to work for gains.



Avocet8, you hit it right on the head. What I do with the 0.5” increment is establish a maximum pressure without the tingling feeling in the head. 8” is my max. 8.5” gives me the stinging tingling feeling, so I dont ever go over 8”.

I will start at 4-5” and finish at 8”. Powerful effect for the girth if done right.

Everyone is different. Please dont use my figures to work with cause you could end up with blisters and have to end up taking time of healing. You have to establish your own maximum. It may be 4” for some or it may be 6-8” for others, but do your own homework.

I measured today after a pumping session, and I am 6” midshaft and 6.3 base. My normal girth is 5.5” mid and 5.75” base. So pumping increases by 0.5” girth both mid and base.

Glenn Delta, as I mentioned earlier that hanging and pumping worked fine for me, one note that I had to figure out. Dont hang and pump right after you hang, cause what happens is that after pumping, you have alot of blood in your penis and when its time for your next hanging session, you will end up hanging with blood in your head as you know is not too safe. What I end up doing was pumping after my 3-4 sets of hanging, which is good because you end the day with your dick pumped up after a good set of hanging sessions.
Good Luck.

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