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filling my cylinder


filling my cylinder

i have been pumping for about 6 weeks 3-4 times a week and enjoy it and am learning a lot about how long to pump and what pressure works best for me. trying to follow the good advise on this site. Really enjoying pumping for 5 minutes then jelquing for 5 min and getting a good work out with some squeezes at the finish of the alternating.routine. But my question is my cylinder is 10x 2 and about 3 inches of my penis at the base swells to fill the cylinder. as i pump more will the filling of the tube process move on up the cylinder to fill it up with my whole penis getting that large? hope so…..your thoughts please

I think so

I don’t have enough experience to assure you that your growth will proceed forward, but I think that it will. Hopefully some experienced guys will reply. From my experiece though, I have been filling the tube a little farther up it as time goes on.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

As your erect, non-pumped gains are cemented, you should see yourself pack farther and farther up the tube. Most of us tend to begin to back at the base. Some pack at the top first. Depends on the dick shape you have.

Have you measured yet?



thanks for your response and interest… when i started pe 9 months ago i was 7 1/2 x 4 3/4 with a 4 inch hang….my hang grew really well to around 6 - 6 1/2 which is really nice but only small gains in length and girth (which i really wanted bad) until december….had a real growth spurt….now without my cockring on i am 8 1/4 x 6… in my cylinder much more than that also. if i use a tape measure and run it down the “crooked arc” of my dick (i lean to the left) i measure 9 inches… i think doing squeezes and using the pump at 7-9 hgs will really help me acheive some good girth….appreciate your excellent input and i get encouragement reading about all the successful growth on this forum …

That’s a great gain. Hey. You’ve “gone platinum,” as they say here!



thanks … i am really pleased with my gains…i think my diversified program will keep the gains coming …hopefully i will reach my goal of 10 x 7 this year…i have one more question on pumping my dick…i joined a yahoo pumping group and i saw the pictures of the guys…lots of them from different cities around the world..they stay in their pumps for long periods of time and get super bloated…i have had some bloat and swelling at times on my foreskin… i am uncut….i was wondering is that how i should look after i pump? i do stay big for hours afterward but nothing like what i see in those pics.. is the swollen look the way to go?

First of all I’ll ask you this; Do you like the way those bloated sausages look? I don’t and it is self defeating when you are pumping for gains. When you see a bloated cock like that keep in mind that what you see is fluid retention in the tissue layer between the cc and outer skin. It has been noted that excessive fluid buildup in the tunica “constricts” the cc which won’t alow for tissue expansion. Don’t forget, in order to get permanent gains you are trying to open up the spaces in the tissue of the cc&cs to allow for more tissue growth. You should only use pumping in your PE program as a means to further expand these spaces in relation to manual PE. Besides, when those guys get hard I bet their partner has a hard time telling because of all the fluid surrounding the cc&cs…. I think that kind of pumping is just for show for the pumper to see just how big he can pump it up, but in terms of PE it serves no real purpose

thanks for that explanation..i think 10-15 min pumping periods are definitely best for me with some jelquing and squeezing along the way….more likely to continue my gains…


great explanation b1nzen48! I am trying to do just that. I am experimenting with pumping and jelqing combined with a manual stretch first. Avocet seems to have this nailed down pretty well. That being said, I am not trying to reinvent the wheel ( avocet did invent it….smiling) , but I’m trying to find efficient pump and jelq times for my schedule. I have been getting a really nice stretch in girth and legth so far from combining both. Also, I feel that I hang a bit longer than if I do only one method alone.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

If you guys want to experiment and start packing the tube faster try my cycling pressure up and down technique for a couple of weeks and you will see a difference. When I was trying it out I was packing the tube after my third day with this method, however, I had already been pumping for a few weeks already. If you do try it and have comments please post back in the “cycling” thread.


b1nz’ program has good merit I think, so see if it’s comfortable for you. Plus, he doesn’t get bloating from that.

About bloating, I agree with what’s been said. The nice thing about pumping is that you can have that if you want it or avoid it if you don’t.

Functionally, imo, I can’t see how some of the bloaters could possibly have effective sex (let alone find partners willing from the looks of some).

What I found happened with lower-grade pumping and jelking was that very gradually the immediate post-pump thickness and length expansion began to last longer and longer into the day - I’m an eary morning pumper -then longer than that. I was very retarded in getting real (non-pumped) flaccid gain but that finally kicked in after about a year. Others of you are seeing good flaccid gain much sooner.

I never wanted to change the basic shape and appearance of my cock, only to have more of it, and by sticking to a more modified program than bloaters use I’ve had no tissue distortion. A lot of vein/artery growth, yes, but I don’t see that as a negative at all.



I like what I'm reading!

I’m so glad to hear those things from you avocet8. I do not want to distort the shape of my cock at all either. I have worried about that from time to time. I thought that the very base of my cock near my pubic bone might not increase in girth as much as the rest of my cock. This is soley just because of two pictures that I saw of one guy with huge girth. I thought for sure that he pumped. With the knowlege that I have now though, I know that those pictures might have very well been of a fake cock.

Using logic, I knew that if lymphatic fluids were to always cause the enlargement, that it would take very long to enlarge to CC. I am so glad to hear of methods of pumping that allow one to choose if he wants to bloat or get a “True Stretch”. This information is so valuable to me.

Is this achieved by pumping in short intervals (10-15min) like your regimen. So far, I feel like I am not getting a build up of fluids by pumping this way. I am noticing that I am packing the cylinder a slight bit more each time I use the pump in one pe session.

I think that pumping in the morning (or any pe that keeps you hanging and heavier) and letting gravity pull a slight bit more on your cock than it would if it were lighter will affect gains possitively.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

I’ve been pumping about year now and I really like the information I am finding here it’s hard not to be obsessive and go overboard when you are pumping.

I look forward to continued useful information and also with the growth my cock and my balls I appreciate all of you !

After years of pumping, I’m finally getting to the point where I can pack my 2” x 10” cylinder along the shaft with minimal edema. My recent incorporation of constant heat seems to be making a profound difference.

Current: 9.1” BPEL x 5.6” MSEG, 6.5” erect base girth

My progress pix thread: Mordecai's one-year mark photos

Have you found that since the introduction of heat you have made an increase in permanent gains? Or is the increase in size only temporary?

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