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fillin the tube



i dont know much about the fluid ill watch for it tomorrow when i pump.

thunder the damn pressure release valve didnt do shit!

(the valve is the same thing you put the male into right?)

i just pusted the female to the side like it does when you put the male in thinking the pressure would release but nothing seemed to happen so thats why i say that damn pressure valve didnt do shit!



The pressure release valve is on the under side of the pump. It looks like a niddle and you push it in to release the pressure!



oh ok i didnt think to release the pressure that way will still in the tube man do i feel stupid!!!! thanks



Don’t worry about it, something like that can be easily over looked. Releasing pressure that way will save wear and tear on the rubber O ring in the connectors.

Oh, also when you put the pump away always loosen the connector on the top of the tube. That also helps extend the life of that O ring.


What a great thread! Lots of good info guys!

My question, I haven’t had a chance to pump yet since I’m using my brother’s bathroom while I stay with my dad for a bit :/

Av, when you had build-up did you work it out? You seemed to have the most success here so your info is greatly appreciated.

As far as fluid goes, does it feel like you’ve got something sloshing around in your penis or does your penis just feel a little thicker? A few hours after I PE my gf sometimes gets frisky and I was wondering if that would make me feel a little thicker?

LOL, if nothing else, perhaps sex would help push some of that fluid out, I think I’ll have to try it :D


nigret, jelq4;

I do have some fluid build-up. I haven’t ever tried to get massive under pressure because I alternate PE exercises with sets of 6 - 8 minutes of pumping, usually three of these and three PE sets. These exercises do massage out lymphatic fluids that have accumulated.

What’s interesting to me is that I get something pretty much equal to a very good, normal erection in the tube; but the fluid is most apparent when the erection subsides a bit. This engorgement remains for several hours, sort of a heavy, “spongy” feel, jelq4. In my first, say, 4 - 5 months of pumping that would gradually go away and I’d go back to my normal flaccid size which then was not very impressive :-(

However, at about my 8th month of pumping and PE my flaccid size began to change considerably and now, after a year and a half, some degree of increased flaccid thickness and length (every day is a little different) is always there whether I’ve PE’d or not. This is terrific for me since I’ve always been more interested in flaccid gain than erect gain but I got erect gain in spite of myself. I don’t care if I ever get another millimeter of girth or length erect, I just want to get to where Phat9 and Fowler (Fowfer??) are flaccid.

It seems to me that Modemmer has a faster shot at getting increases because he started out larger than most of us did. On the other hand, I don’t know if PE works that way since a lot of smaller guys have made very significant gains and pretty quickly.



jelq4, I forgot to answer your tube size question. I go along with what Modemmer suggested. That is, stay with the tube you bought for now even if you are filling it out pretty well. You are probably getting very good length stretch. In general it’s best to increase cylinder diameter in one quarter inch increments. As for cylinder length, I think everyone should buy a 10” one since you don’t ever want to be pressing your glans against the plumbing at the top of the tube in case of deciding to go for “massive” while in there.




man that pressure release valve sure did help!

as for going up in tube size i will not i am staying with this one for at least 2 months. my progress seems to be coming along nicely yesterday got one hell of a pump then after my 20 min. ulis it really got pumped i have a great deal of hope that i can make my pumping gains perm from doing that i will tell you after a month if i have any gains untill then no ruler for me!

wish me luck and thanks for the help guys!


I’ve never really had any fluid buildup that was really noticeable, I think which is on account of me going in hard. Its actually still pretty vascular looking.

I’m still not too sure if pumping can give you permanent gains if you do it alone. I’ve been incorporating pumping into my regular routine by pumping in the morning and jelqing/hanging at night every other day. The days I don’t jelq/hang I’ll pump again that night. As far as filling my tube goes, the base… about 1/4 of the way up my penis is pressed against the sides. I think by the time it get over 1/2 the way up you might wanna go up a size, but I’m sticking to the narrower tube to help some on the length too and keep it more uniform.


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