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Fill the tube???

Fill the tube???

Hi everyone…….I just began pumping a few days ago. One thing I’ve been noticing, in pics and conversation, is that it seems everyone who’s been pumping awhile fills their tubes when they pump, and are not too concerned about getting swollen with fluid. Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems that way.

When I pump, I only do about 4-6 pumps on the bulb, which extends the length of my cock maybe an inch or an inch and a half. As far as girth, there is some increase, but not anywhere near enough to fill the tube.

Is it necessary to do that, in order to see results? I am average size, and have an 8”X 2 1/4” tube.

I don’t want to have problems with broken blood vessels, etc., so I’m trying to be careful, while at the same time progressive enough to get results. My sessions are usually 15-20 minutes long. I began pumping last Friday.

Is it a good idea to take a day off after one pumping session as short as mine are?

Thanks for your help.



Unfortunately you are using the equivalent of a sex shop toy as your pump equipment. Don’t feel bad, I started that way too.

The guys that talk about packing their tubes, have bought custom made cylinders that more closely fit the girth of their cock and therefore, they do not have so far to go to fill it up. Your huge cylinder has a rubber gasket at the end which compensates for the fact that the tube is way too big for you.

You also pump up with a rubber bulb and we are using pumps with a vacuum gauge so we can monitor the pressure and avoid injury.

Your pump system is cheap and will not last long before it craps out. When it does, you should seriously consider investing in a professional system. This is the system a lot of us use from lapdist:…tegory_Code=all

Since you are still new to this, it would be a good idea to break your pump session into two 10 minutes sets with 5 minutes of jelqing or massage in between pump sets. You should also have a routine that is 6 days on and 1 off, or something like 3 on 1 off, 2 on 1 off. It is good to pump at least a couple of days in a row to build off of the previous days result.

Vacuum Pumping 101

Go to this link Jacko. It’s pretty good for beginning pumpers and it’ll set you up with a routine and everything. I follow the routine in it and never had any pain problems or anything like that. Also you say you are average size. That’s a pretty wide range. I’ll tell you the way I do it according to my size. I buy a tube about 2 inches longer than my bone pressed erect length and a quarter inch wider than my base circumference. From the posts I’ve read Gprent and a few other guys have a lot of expereince with pumping so if they chime in with another idea for tube size, go with what they say. I’m still a relative newbie just trying to help someone whenever I can.

Thanks guys, this helps me a lot - I’m about to buy a pump to add to my routine, and I want to make sure I buy something that’s going to work right and someday get filled!

Thanks for responding, and for the links……I’ve read Avocet8’s post, as well as many others. By “average” I mean that my cock is around 6.5” long, but not particularly thick.

What I don’t understand, is why you have to fill the tube? Expansion is expansion, whether you touch the sides of the tube, or not. If you’re trying to gain only length, then I can see how touching the sides of the tube would leave nothing but the length to be pulled, but with my tube, it’s still expanding my cock in length and girth, so what’s the problem? As long as I don’t overdo it, pressure-wise, why is my setup so inferior? I’m not looking for extreme/quick size, just for size-sake. I’m trying to go slow and easy, yet still get a result. Much of what I’ve seen seems dangerously extreme, to me.

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Mainly because you can over do it without realizing it if you don’t have a pressure guage. That would be the main reason I won’t use a squeeze bulb pump anymore. Just for safety reasons.

You don’t have to fill the tube for it to be effective.

One problem with your setup is you don’t know what pressure you are pumping at.

The other problem is that it is just going to wear out fast. The bulb is going to lose it’s pumping ability and that rubber gasket on the bottom of your tube is going to stretch out and lose its effectiveness.

Gprent is right about the gasket too. Forgot that part. I don’t know if he has ever used one of these pumps like this but I have so I speak from experience. It’s really hard to get a good seal with one of these. I was thinking the same thing you are. A pump is a pump, so what’s the difference. I have a Kaplan pump now that cost about 80 dollars. The difference between it and my 30 dollar pump can’t be described. It has a better feel, seals better, clear tube so I can make sure my pecker isn’t black and blue, etc. Oh and one more thing. That tube size makes it really easy to suck in a nut or two while you’re pumping. Ouch. If you like pumping, there are a few different pump designs to make your own fairly cheap. Just do a search for MityVac and you should see what I’m talking about.

Possibly so, but with four or five squeezes a day, I’m not expecting that to happen very soon. It’s a fairly substantial bulb. Time will tell, I guess?

I could do with some advice gents. Recently I added hanging light weights into my pumping routine. After a good warm up, I hang at light weights for about 20-25min, remove it, jelq some life back into it, another heat warm up and then pump for a while. Now recently I started to pack my 1.75 tube after about 20min at a pressure of 6, I’ve noticed that my unit now goes past the line that I have marked on it to judge progress and I’m curious if it’s:
A) because of the hanging before the pump session
B) if by packing the tube, it allows more length work to be done.

I’m by no means an expert on this and was just wondering anyone else has had any similar experiences.

I prefer not to fill the tube. I.e., I keep it a bit large so that I can shake it for extra stimulation. Helps maintain hardness. (E.g., with 5.75 girth, I will pack a 2” after a few sessions. I tend to use a 2.25” tube.)

I started with Lapdist tubes and pump, which are very good, but have switched to Velseal tubes, which do have a silicone gasket around the base. However, this is a very thick, well-made gasket, that creates a great seal and is very comfortable. I found the hard bases caused some numbness after a while.

What about that website, gprent? That is a lot cheaper than that damn lap website. I still havent got mine yet because I ran into problems with money. I can’t go out and buy something like that when I can’t save any money.

I have a picturebrite cylinder and a bostonpump cylinder. I like the bostonpump one a little better, but the picturebrite one is very good.

There have been some complaints here about the brass pump picturebrite sells. Some say it does not work at all, others have claimed that is is full of some kind of oil. Although it looks like the lapdist pump apparently it is not.

However I use the Harbor Freight brake bleeder pump, which is the same as the LapDist pump:

Lap pump = harbor freight tools pump

You will need the proper male connector and tubing, which gprent sourced in this post:

gprent - Lap pump = harbor freight tools pump

So to summarize, a real nice setup:

Harbor Freight Pump = $20.00…temnumber=92474
(I recommend going to a store if you have one nearby, as the standard shipping is very slow.)

PictureBrite Jim Diamond Cylinder - $28.00

Quick disconnect male fitting PN: 5012k251 - about $2.00
Clear plastic tubing PN: 53955k14


If on the other hand you want a turnkey system with everything in one box, LapDist would be very good.

What do you mean when you say you.began pumping.

Please let me know.


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