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Feeling out 5inHg

Feeling out 5inHg

I’ve had a lot of luck getting solid answers from all the helpful people on these forums, so I’m posting another newbie question.

I don’t have a pump. Therefore, I don’t have a gauge. All I have is a gravel cleaner and a dream. Inspiring, yes? It leaves me in a delicate place, though, since I have no way of knowing what kind of pressure I’m pulling. I understand that a person is capable of sucking 5 inHg orally, but what does that mean? Is that at the upper limit of most people’s suction ability? What should it feel like when I’m nearing that pressure? I know what I’m asking for is very subjective, but anything is appreciated.

Also, I was anxious to buy my cylinder, and bought the biggest one I could find at the first store I was at - which still wasn’t very big. So now I’m packing it. I figure this is going to affect how “nominal” pressure feels for me, but will it effect it so much that any advice you all give me will be meaningless?

It is probably going to be tough to get decisive responses on this, as I imagine not TOO many people are doing what you are doing. Obviously buying a real pump and gauge is a solution, but as you haven’t already done so, I imagine you are perhaps not wanting to do that for whatever reason. My only suggestion would be to try and find a gauge that you could attach or something. Good luck finding the answers your looking for!


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My understanding is that you can probably suck 5Hg rather easily. 5Hg, although it really feels like something on your dick, is not really that much to accomplish using the method you’re talking about. Better to be safe than sorry. Go slow, be cool, find a threshold and work with it. Tease the gains. And then…..GET A PUMP WITH A GAUGE!!! :) :) :)

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Hey mate, I am also using a home made apparatus with just raw secjay lung power, no pump, no gauge.

My advice from what limited experience I have, is that you can safely go by feel alone. I take it slow. At first, just make enough vacuum to start pulling your dick into the tube and get a seal. Then you can keep taking sucks until your twanger doesn’t seem to be budging any further eg no more expansion into the tube.

At this stage, you’ll be in a “fully erect” or equivalent state. It shouldn’t be painful or uncomfortable. Now you can slowly add a few more sucks as you slowly expand in the cylinder. Never increase the pressure to the point where there is any pain or discomfort, it shouldn’t be an unpleasant sensation.

Of course, keep an eye out for negative signs - discolouration, donut, spots or bruises. If any of that shit happens, you’ve pushed it too far… but I think you should be alright! Just don’t go nuts.

Originally Posted by cbwtg01

Also, I was anxious to buy my cylinder, and bought the biggest one I could find at the first store I was at - which still wasn’t very big. So now I’m packing it.

Eh? How big are you?

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Not very. Like I said, their selection was lousy. I think my ideal cylinder diameter, according to gprent’s guide, is 2”.

Thanks for the feedback, everybody. I think I’ll just go with secjay’s advice for a while longer — taking it slow and easy, watching for negative PIs — and just buy a pump when I have the money.

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