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Hey guys i’ve been following avocets great 101 program, i know its said that any pain is bad , if anything it should be pleasurable ,but about an hour or so after the routine when i squeeze my dick i get a dull aching sensation ,i weight train as well and its a very similar sensation to post work out muscle fatigue,being a newbie to pumping i was wondering if this was desirable or normal,or should i back off? also when it comes to girth how important is rest time? and all the best for the new year

If you are pumping at moderate pressure and for shorter rather than longer sets, I doubt the pumping is causing the dull ache, more likely whatever you are doing between or before sets.

I experienced a similar ache when I first started jelking - I was probably overdoing them - but take a look at your program, especially while you’re doing whatever routines. If you’re noticing that in performing one exercise in particular you are sensing more stress, it may be that one.

As for rest time, two days a week off sounds appropriate. I don’t know whether it’s imporant that they be consecutive days. Most mini-tear healing probabably occurs within 24 hrs of PE.



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