It is not a good Idea to pump with high HGs. You can get the same results by pumping with little vacuum pressure and it will not harm your penis.

It might not be faster than pumping with high pressures but it is safer and you can get the same gains by pumping with little vacuum pressures.

All I use is a small bulb pump I I get good results. I started pumping about an year ago. But do to some problems I have not been pumping for a lot of that time because I though the more pressure I used the faster I would get the gains. When I first started pumping I thought I was getting gains by pumping with high HG’s but it was just a swollen penis and not gains because when my penis went down so did my gains. Plus I had some major bruising to my penis that turned my penis black like I was an Afro-Americans or something. Through my experiences I have found out that I get better gains with little pressure and longer exercising time. But that also can cause bruising if I didn’t warm my penis up with hot water. Before pumping. It didn’t only help draw blood into the penis but It also helped me from getting bruised when pumping.

I have worked out a good exercise “workout” that works for me.

I warm penis with hot water for 10-15 minutes
I jelq for 10-15 sometimes 20 minutes
I do hand stretches for 20-30 minutes
I pump for about an hour or so.

Then if I feel like doing the workout longer I repeat the whole exercise again.

When I do the hand stretches I pull my penis with my hand as hard as I can without causing any pain at all. If you feel any discomfort at all loosen up on the grip and pull. How I stretch it for about a minute and then release and I keep doing this for 20-30 minutes or longer depending on how I feel about me doing my workout longer.

When I pump I just use a small bulb pump that is similar to a Blood pressure bulb pump that comes with Blood pressure checking stuff. But it is a little more harder and can vacuum out a little more pressure than the blood pressure bulb pump can.

I pump for for 3-5 minutes then release the vacuum and repeat for ever how long I feel like pumping, which is usually about a hour or so but I do pump longer sometimes.

I have found out that I can do my workout longer by warming up the penis after each workout. And I have found out I will workout if I watch a porno while I do my workout.

When I first started I was about 6 inches long. I am now about 7-7.5 inches long but I am longer than 7 inches so I am about half way between 7 and 7.5 inches but I might be closer to 7.5 than 7 inches.

Please do not believe all the hype about high hgs. It is not safe and take it from somebody who has tried it and that have seen better results by pumping with less pressure. I do other exercises also which I mentioned above.

And please warmup the penis before pumping it does not only help pull in more blood in to the penis to help your gains out but it also makes it so you can workout longer without causing any bruising.

Let me give you some pointers on bruising.
The reason you bruise is because blood capillaries burst and the blood from the capillaries build up under the skin causing it to have some discoloration.

To prevent that you have to warm the penis up with hot water. “Hot wet heat” If it isn’t hot wet heat it will not work right and will not prevent the bruising. I have used a lot of stuff to warm up my penis and nothing is better than Hot wet heat. The other methods did help pull blood in to the penis but they did not prevent bruising like wet heat did.