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Expectations/best girth gain from 5 3/16


I didn’t get any verifiable gains for at least months.

Try looking at it this way: With PE you are not just trying to pull out some amount of so-called “internal penis.” You are also in the process of causing cells to divide and multiply, each process creating and adding another kind of penile tissue to your total mass - skin, tunica, blood vessels, increased cavernosal chamber capacity, glans tissue, etc. This takes a whole lot of time.




As my signature indicates, I’ve made substantial girth gains, mostly via pumping and jelqing. As to how much the average guy can expect to gain will all depend on how much effort he puts into it. I will admit that girth gains have been much easier for me than length gains. I agree with avocet8 that I believe it’s mostly about consistent stresses applied to one’s dick followed by slow periods of recovery time when new cell and tissue development occur in your cock.


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Hey gotta,

I’ve been pumping and jelking consistantly for 7 months now, started January 1/04, and I started below what you would call average at about 4.7” girth and using an 1 3/4” LA pump. Then, I was actually having a hard time keeping a seal at the base and it was really fustrating at times but I hung in there determined to make my unit bigger. I figured If others could do it so could I!

I’ve always pumped using a 1 on 1 off or 2 on 1 off routine and I’ve stayed with that consistantly over the months. Back then, I didn’t see any real changes until about the 3rd to 4th month. I read all I could about how best to pump here at Thunders. I started using a heating pad at every session, I started trying to up the Hg a little more and more as the months went by.

Upping the Hg (slowly) over time forced my member to become larger and accept higher blood capacity. Back then, I was only using 4- 4.5 hg levels, today I easily hit 6-6.5” hg but for short periods of time. I mainly hang at 5-6 hg these days as my unit has become use to the stress of pumping.

I also got myself the Thera-P wrist strap per Avocet8 and Peforeal’s great comments on the strap, can’t thank you guys enough for mentioning the Thera-P strap. I put that baby on right after each session is done and wear it for 1- 2 hours and on off days. Today, my sessions last around 1- 1hr 15 mins long. Session times increase as months go on. I always finish up with a pump.

Anyway, back to the question of gains. I finally packed my 1 3/4” tube about 2 months ago and have since been using a 2” Vacutech tube and (slowly) working on packing it. But, have I actually gained from pumping and jelking in this time frame you ask? Oh Yea!! Today I consistantly stay around 5 3/8” all the time! and the 2” tube has really shined since starting using it.

Length has been tough to get though but Is also coming along slowly. I work between both tubes during sessions. I use the 1 3/4” tube for 2 sets then, change up to the 2” for 2 sets. The most important thing is to stay consistant,focused and positive for what you’re trying to achieve.

Use things that will help you like the Thera-P strap after your sessions and on off days. It’s very very important to future gains to stay as pumped between sessions as you can. Also use heat, this makes a huge difference. Above all, stay consistant! That’s how to get bigger. 6 months from now you’ll be glad you did.

Sorry for the long post, just turned out that way.


thanks for the motivational post man.hearing your story makes me think I am right on track with my routine and reassures me that it’s time well spent pumping. I think we follow pretty similar routines I just haven’t conditioned enough yet to get to the 6-6.5 hg sessions yet. My pump sessions now usually go about 20-30 min x 2 or 3 sets on avg slowly working up to about 5 hg in the last session.I use the heat ( I think it was gprent who turned me on to the heat pad and it really does make a difference) and I’m starting to experiment with the stretchy cock rings to keep the pump,after you mentioning the theraband I will definetly check that out(not sure what it is really).

thats a pretty impressive girth gain man, over 1/2 .I am only looking for an additional 3/4 in girth and I will be content . hearing from guys like you that are actually getting there is what I need somedays to keep at it .

one question: when you first start pumping you see the gains in the tube and right out of the pump pretty quick,within a few weeks right? I am getting the temp pumps,pretty fat temp pumps long before you actually started to see them stick.I think avocet mentioned 3 months before he saw about far I think i have only picked up about 1/16 permanent ,but I realize i’m only pumping for about 8 weeks so I don’t really expect too much yet.


Actually, it was around the 3-4th month mark that I started noticing a real change in girth, albeit, this may not stay with you all the time cause everyones different. But at that point was when maybe a 1/16- 1/8 girth happened. Up until then there wasn’t much to talk about but as time and consistant routines kept coming the increase came as well.

There was a point not too far back that I must have hit a plateau (leveled out) where I was just stuck but I kept going and passed it… stay consistant, that’s the key!

Yeap, you’re just starting and sound to be on the right track, just don’t push it with the time or hg levels.. your’s sound good for now. Later, you can and should experiment with diffferent things. Tiger, at tiger pump says you’ll learn and get better at pumping as you go along, for me that’s been very true.

Something else, when I first started, 5 hg felt like a huge amount of pressure but now (for me anyway) it takes more. I think it’s due to the member becoming more and more conditioned to pumping but it also gives or produces a better stretch and the ligs are more inclined stretch over time.

The Thera-P strap can be picked up at any Walmart/Walgreen store for about $10 in the drug section. To learn more just do a search for “Thera-P wrist strap” on this board.

Yea, in the beginning you will see those big girthers but only temp. It’s thru consistant pumping and jelking and other methods that the gains will cement and become permanent. Oh yea, on the stretchy cockrings. I bought a set of 5 from Pumptoys many months ago but don’t use them. They are nice and all but are way too stretchy (too much give) to sufficently hold the post pump.

That’s just my personal opinion of course, they may work great for you. The Thera-p strap has been the best CR I’ve found. If nothing happens I plan to keep pumping for years, and, this is a very long term thing.

Stick with it, that’s the main thing. Read and learn. I’m glad I have, today I’m bigger and more positive about where pumping can lead…I like it!

All the best,

Is everyone gaining on the 1 day on 1 day off routine? Or are you pumping on a daily basis?

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so far i’m going on 3-4 day on 1 day off routine, my dick lets me know when it’s time for a break every few days and I listen to it and take one. I beleive that the secret to pe is to build on the pump effect of the previous session and over time push your penis to a new bigger size permanently.this is just my opinion of course and I am just learning the ropes myself,but for me a few days consecutive pumping and then a day or two off is working nicely. I know its working because my in the tube pump and right out of the tube pump is increasing steadily in just a couple of months.hope that helps.

Thanks gottaget8x6!

"Building a weapon of mass destruction" Started: 5.81" x 3.88" Now: 8.5" x 5.0" Goal: 9" x 6"

Anyone have new veins and skin stretch.

How much pressure are you guys using normally? I have some veins that I notice more now that I didn’t know I had before. My cock is pumped when coming out of the tube, but I lose it within 20 minutes, any suggestions?


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