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Exercises to do with pumping

Exercises to do with pumping

Ok first off I am going to state the routine I was doing before I had my pump.

Ok this is going to be my routine. Positive criticism is welcomed.

2 Days on, 1 day off.

Following advocets routine on pumping. Will pump 10 minutes every day and progress as routine is stated.

Heating Pad - 10 minutes

Exercises - I stretch for 15 seconds every angle Up, Down Left Right, (And between those angles) I go through all the angles and do it 4 times.

Rotator Stretch (Or whatever it’s called) I grab and pull in a circular motion to the left 25, then the right 25. I do this for a total of 100 times.

Jelq - Then I progress to do 50 Jelqs.

Heating pad 10 minutes.

After every week (2 on 1 off) I will increase add a set to each stretch. Add 20 total to the rotator stretch (30 reps, 4 sets) And I will increase my jelqs somewhere around 5-10.

Let me know what you all think! Thanks!

I want to do my pumping set with my Jelqs. Now my question is when I come out of the tube am I supposed to be flacid or hard? I tried pumping for 2 minutes earlier today followed by jelqs but I had a complete hard-on. The psi was only 2-4. Am I supposed to jelq pretty hard or make it go down somehow then jelq then get hard to go back in tube? I did 3 pump sets of 2 minutes with 20 jelqs inbetween. I want to put the pump in my routine listed above then do a seperate pump session later in the night that is simply 10 minutes. Thanks for the info!

You don’t need 10 minutes on a heating pad. How long does it take to heat a cock through? A couple minutes max. That should shave a little time off your routine.

Work some jelks BETWEEN pump sets, after exiting. Ditto the Kegels, although you can do them anytime you want, even in the tube.



Sounds like good advice.

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