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Erection problems.

Erection problems.

Hey guys,

I always make sure I go into the pump with an 80%+ erection level, however after roughly two minutes my erection subsides. I’m still left with expansion, but my unit slowly decreases in length until it looks like a much more swollen version of my flaccid unit.

I also have a slight curve to the left and in the above state ^ my unit curves dramatically to the left. Do you think this is likely to exaggerate the problem?

I’ve tried watching porn but… there’s always a voice in the back of my mind saying: “You’re just watching it to keep yourself hard in the pump” and it negates the desired effect.

So basically:

1. Do other people experience the same thing and continue to get good results from pumping?

2. Do you think it’s likely to make my curve worse?

I jelq first, then get myself to 90-100% erect before going into the pump. Unlike jelqing/massage, I just can’t maintain a natural erection in the pump—however, I found that the the vacuum pressure (4hg max) keeps me at 1/4” over my normal erect length. I have a slight curve, but in the tube under pressure it seems to straighten out. When I release the pressure, I’d say I drop to about 50% erection. I then re-apply lube, adjust erection to 60-75% and jelq again, then get back to 90-100% for the next pump session.

1. I’ve been doing this for only 5 weeks, and have about 0.15” increase in girth (measured 48 hours after pumping).
2. My curve outside of the pump has not changed.

My EQ has been excellent. Personally, I’ll never use porn to stimulate again. Overall, I think it has a negative effect.

There’s no rule that you need to maintain an erection while in the tube. In fact, there is a school of thought that the unloaded (nonerect) tunica is more elastic than the tunica under the pressure of an erection.

What is your girth, and what size tube are you using?

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