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This might be more useful for Aussies, but I think I found a good alternative to the TheraP wrap.

It’s called ‘Dick Wicks Activease Magnetic Wrist Support’…st-support.html

I received mine today and judging by pictures of the original TheraP and from what i’ve heard about it, it looks like a good substitute. It’s 11.5 inches long and 2 inches wide, 75% Neoprene 25% Nylon, and has 6 magnets imbedded in the wrap for a total of 6,000 Gauss. I’ve never tried the original TheraP but I reckon they’re pretty similar.

I got mine online from Chemist Warehouse and they do ship overseas if anyone is interested.

This is an old thread, but kinda hoping someone is still around who could answer a question.

I waited until this afternoon after a pumping session before wearing the wrap, and i’m finding that turtling is still an issue. After X amount of time i’ll notice that my flaccid will retract under the wrap and requires me to give it a tug and a bit of a shake to have it hang loose. Will this retracting lessen over time? will the penis be trained to stay in an engorged state for longer? And finally, is it a case of not wearing the wrap correctly, too tight, too loose etc?

Backward Penis Sleep Stretching and ace wrap.

Man am I glad I found this blog site, if only I had found it sooner I could be so much farther along. Last night I read about the sleep tuck/stretching love it gonna take a bit of getting use to but excellent. Ace/wrist wrapping another great one. I used one of my ankle/knee wraps it might be a bit bigger then the 2” with and 12” length but still works. I don’t want to take it off except for showering and night PE workouts.

Do they still sell the wrist wraps at Walmart?

I'm so green on this topic

This is my first day on this site. I must say I am over whelmed with the information and all the various was to enhance for PE.
I wish there was a video clip link made to show how and what to use for like with clamping . The links that were provided
IE Walmart Walgreen’s etc were not working and in my case I have no idea what a cable clamp looks like and what
Its the kind to purchase. As is the case with Velcro wraps.. I didn’t understand that either.. And pic is worth a 1000 words

In advance I admit I am slow doggone ADD I don’t process so quickly and have always learned better by a visual vs a verbal
Or written word.

If there is anyone out there that could or would assist me in my starting PE I will be in your debt.

My emotional problems are severe sexually molested and abused as a child. My dad dove off a diving board when I was
Four years old and left him a quad he spent 7 yrs in various hospitals and during this time while my mother for some insane
Reason thought going to the hospital every day was better than rearing me the youngest was a bright idea was not such a good idea
For I was being sexually molested and abused during this time period.
It left me feeling unmanly un attractive unappealing and sexually undesirable to the opposite sex. And I believe
My penis has been in retraction since all this began and the other main issue is libido I don’t have a sex drive
That is healthy. My learned behaviour is what I practice and the more I practice it the more angry I become.. And one thing is for sure and
Certain the size of a dick is the main drawing card.
Hope someone can help me start a new life.. I am so tired of this one of bad habits bad processing and the same bad outcomes that I know
In advance are going to be my outcome.

Hey All,

I am modifying the Futuro Elbow wrap trying to take advantage of the Boa system it uses for safe soft clamping after pumping. It is expensive for a wrap, but the ability to easily adjust the tension and increase or decrease pressure without removal is worth my time so once done I will update.

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Let us know how that goes, I already have one.

So like a lot of people , I was looking for one of these pre-made wrist straps.

I just left hobby lobby with some elastic and some Velcro.
I don’t have a sewing machine, but with a stapler, it took me 5 minutes to make something that is very comfortable. Wearing it right now.
I’ll keep you guys posted on how it works.

I know this is an old thread, looking for updates on products that are still sold in 2017, or DIY with pictures.

I am interested to know too.


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