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This is great

Went to Walgreen’s and found the wrist wrap and after PE exercises, put it on and it helped keep dick longer for the day and felt great under sweats. Maybe the magnets will help also. Anyway thanks for the idea.

So, at 12” length, I assume you guys are wrapping this thing around your shaft a few times when wearing it shaft only? How thick is it? Does it produce a noticeable build up in the wrapped section of your shaft?


Yes, I wrapped around base of dick, and it kept flaccid length for as long as i kept wrapped(couple hours). Yes it can give larger appearance. Nice feeling when dick dangling against leg.

extreme ulis

This sounds like a hell of an easy way to do Bib’s extreme ulis. You say its 12” long and velcro? Can it be cut back to say …. 6” or so and still have enough velcro to work, or is it not set up to be able to do that? I might have to check this one out.

It’s construction is flexible and soft enough. So when you wrap the whole 12 inches around your shaft, it is not too obvious under your clothes.

You don’t want to cut it down, which would result in your losing the connective velcro end. It is not set up to be cut. When you wrap the base of the shaft firmly, the effect is not unlike an ULI. I do this for hours, being sure to take a break every 20-30 minutes( or as needed ) and slapping my dick against my thighs to rejuvenate the circulation.

Glad that you’ve been able to try this wrap and experience it’s simple effectiveness.



I think you can cut it down OK, maybe not much more than half, though. I’ve been thinking about doing the same thing to make a retainer for the golf swing weights.

BTW, the magnets are fairly strong to be so small. One will hold two ball rings.

Did anybody ever buy one of those magnetic jock-strap/underwear liners we discussed once?


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Fixing in larger state?

Going back to what avocet8 noted:
“The theory was that maintaining more engorgement post-workout might cause the mini-tears to heal and “fix” in that larger state rather than in a smaller flaccid state.”
Well, I am wondering the same thing and seeing that peforeal also said about taking a break every 20-30 minutes, but this may not be feasible for me.
So I was thinking if I could put it on at night after my exercises for an hour or two before bed but not sleep with it as it would cut circulation for too long unattended.

In case you missed my post on the end of the first page of this thread I am wondering how this applies to Manual only PE’ers as well as hangers and pumpers? (for it’s ULI likeness properties)

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You don’t have to be a pumper or a hanger to benefit from this wrap. After a brief jelq session to pump things up a bit, you can also use the velcro wrap to maintain the engorgement for an extended period of time. On weekends when I usually take a break from pumping (since the family’s all home), I’ll do a few jelqs and then wrap the base of my dick. The result is a firm but pliable erection which has the effect of keeping my cock stretched and full for however long I wear the wrap. By wearing my loose denim shorts, the zucchini down my leg can be kept secret to all but myself.

Depending on how tight I wrapped, I have gone for an hour at a time without taking it off. I just prefer inspecting myself and my dick circulation more frequently to be on the safe side, especially if I have chosen to wrap a little tighter than normal.

Putting the velcro wrap on an hour or two after your PE routines and removing before you sleep would be an appropriate use. Just be sure to do some jelqs and/or squeezes and/or slap your dick on your thighs several times to increase the circulation anytime after you remove the wrap.

I would never recommend putting on this wrap or any other variety and going to sleep with it on. It is always better to be safe than sorry. This wrap is relatively problem free with sensible wrapping pressure and periodic inspection for circulation.


Note: If you are using the velcro wrap to wrap around both your ballsac and dick at the same time, then the pressure on the penis will be more dispersed. You can wear the wrap this way for much longer periods of time without the need to remove it as frequently. The result using it this way is a nice moderate stretch on your cock and a good way to stretch out the ballsac.

1 quick question

Is this product to be used to make ur package look bigger or does it have a pe effect as well?


It is used for both purposes.


I’ve just posted another clarifying response to the multiple use of the VELCRO WRAP for
1) Creating an immediate bulge and
2) Accelerating flaccid size gains

If interested, please click to the link below:

Alternative to Cock Ring


Would wrapping a sock real good around your penis with some tape holding it together work also????? I currently have one of those on now.


Your sock and tape wrap with sufficient pressure basically uses the same principle. What the velcro wrist strap offers is easy access to putting it on and taking it off frequently with better controlled pressure and without having to retape,rewrap, etc. It’s just convenient to use and can be outfitted in seconds.



Here’s a new online ink to purchasing the Homedics Thera P Velcro Wrist Strap for wrapping your dick or dick/balls for better prolonged engorgement and for flaccid growth. Have a good one!


This sounds great, but neither will ship to Australia.

Anyone from Oz been able to source one? TIA.


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