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End of Session Blowout

End of Session Blowout

So, if we were to compare pumping to a workout like running, there would be a few similarities we could draw:

In running, to warm up you’d stretch the muscles, and go for a light jog. Then do your routine, whatever it may be. To cool down, you’d again take a light jog, then stretch, and maybe afterward shower or soak
In pumping, you’d literally warm up the penis to get it ready, jelq, or even stretch it out. You’d do your routine (for me its 2 x 15 minutes @ 5hg) and then to cool down some more jelqs and (yes) a shower and warm soak.

Same order of events could be said for lifting weights, swimming, and many other physical activities. In the aforementioned activities, sometimes they include a blowout right before the cool down. The purpose of the blowout is to use up any leftover energy and also increase stamina. In running, it would be a set of wind sprints, running as fast as you can within a short distance or time period.

I realize that PE in general is incomparable to an aerobic or anaerobic workout for countless reasons. However, could the same idea of a blowout be applied to pumping? For example, at the end of my session toward the 13 minute mark or so, I would increase the pressure to around 7hg for a minute or so? It would stretch the tissues to a critical point as far as health might be concerned, but it would only be for a relatively small period of time. It would be at the end of the workout and the tissues would already be stretched.

Is this intrepid thinking, or just wishful?


I do that towards the end of all my pumping sessions. I usually raise it to 7hg, for the last 30 seconds.

I’m guessing you think it does something, but has it been safe? Any benefit with/without it?

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