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Elliptical Vacuum Tubes- Anybody tried it?

Elliptical Vacuum Tubes- Anybody tried it?

I’m interested in starting pumping and I am considering purchasing an elliptical tube. Has anybody tried it? The theory is interesting… Of course, in most individuals the penis is NOT a perfect cylinder, perhaps “slightly” oval in shape. I don’t know if it would make a difference, but it seems interesting. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated. Been doing newbie routine for quite some time now and gained about 0.25 to 0.5” in length, but no girth.….od=EllipticalTW

I’ve been thinking about elliptical tubes for a while now, since they came out, and wondering if they made a difference.

Here’s my current thinking. Until you are packing the cylinder to some degree, does it really matter what shape the cylinder is? It isn’t difficult to create all the vacuum you need in a standard round cylinder - or in something with much more volume, like a sun tea jar or whole package pumping cylinder. So, it’s not like you need to eliminate ‘wasted’/unused space in the tube for that purpose.

At least to start, the elliptical cylinder would make contact only at the base, and then some small incidental degree of contact between the penis and the cylinder wall. So how does the elliptical shape create any advantage during your session if it is not even in contact?

Eventually, one might make contact with the full length of the cylinder, and perhaps there might be some difference in the ‘shaping’ influence of the cylinder shape when packing the cylinder under those circumstances.

For what it’s worth, I haven’t bought one yet.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

I am still considering getting one of those larger fishtank cleaning tubes which has that elipsoidal shape to it.

My theory is that if we are looking for true plastic deformation to encourage growth - particularly girth - then a tube more in the shape of the penis (elipsoidal at the cross section) will make lateral movement of penis tissue more possible, thus making it move into the desired range of girth. There is one like that available at most pet stores, and is a very rigid plastic. It will most likely have to be cut down a bit - it is like 13” long …

I am still working to pack the smaller round tube I now have, and it is getting easier each time. I have a clear plastic rule attached to each tube I have (one is a bit longer than the other and has magnets along the sides and around the base) and am able to get about 7.25” to 7.5” pumped.

I have laid off it for the last month or so and stuck with manual exercises. I really overpumped and got a huge lymph bubble right behind the glans at the circ scar. Took almost 3 days to disipate. I want it to have a good, long healing time, so I am off the pump until probably October.

I have not been really keeping track of “growth” as I have always ended up disappointed at low results. I am veinier and have better wood (still no one to use it with, tho), and seem to be a bit girthier as well. Still no “outward” movement in length beyond what I have already reported.

Just my thoughts on the subject …

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Originally Posted by Lampwick
Here’s my current thinking. Until you are packing the cylinder to some degree, does it really matter what shape the cylinder is?

Apparently one of the claims made about these is that you can pack them faster. I have seen that in the marketing, and also confirmed in a few threads on one of the pumping boards.

They interest me because I would really like to gain some side to side width (CC’s). I still don’t pack my current cylinder width wise, but top to bottom (CS) does begin to pack, just because I am wider that way.

So in theory I would more quickly pack top to bottom in an elliptical, and then get pulled wider.

I haven’t bought one either, I still can’t a) figure out the sizing b) find the spare cash! Hopefully somebody will come up with a budget version.

I have had solid results with the elliptical tubes from vacu-tech and have found that the shape allows a different pumping process than round. Because (if sized correctly) you have restriction in one dimension, you will be able to focus on expansion in the other dimension. Obviously, this only works if you choose a size that you don’t swim in. In this case, you’ll find little if any difference between an elliptical and regular round. In other words, if you don’t touch the sides, the shape won’t matter.

My suggestion is to choose a size that has a minor axis that is either your present diameter or slightly larger that you can pack to quickly. Once you are anchored in this dimension, you will focus expansion on the major axis diameter of the tube. This is the most basic use of the elliptical tube and it’s pretty cool.

But there are a couple other uses of this design that are creative and fun. The first is a simple 90 degree turn of the cylinder to reorient the minor and major axes. This anchors the alternate diameter and encourages expansion in the other. In most penises (?), the left to right diameter will be greater than the up to down. By turning the cylinder to restrict the dimension that is normally the more expansive, you create compression and expansion in the opposite way you normally “exist”. Sounds a little like stress, huh?

Another way I have found to use the tube is to do a 45 degree turn from the “normal” position. This creates expansion potential at 10:00 and 4:00 while anchoring at 2:00 and 8:00 (or vice versa). The effect of this position is entirely different under vacuum and feels different based on which way you normally curve.

And lastly, you can do a dynamic combination of moving through these positions (and every angle in between), rotating the tube. If sized correctly, you will alternately anchor and offer expansion to the whole 360 degrees of your circumference. Make sure you have adequate lubrication if you do this as there will be more dynamic friction than normal pumping.

Again, all of this use is based upon proper sizing so that you can moderately restrict one dimension, while having room to grow in the other.

So how do you size? I have two suggestions:

1) Figure out which round tube diameter you can fit and either pack immediately or with a few minutes of pumping. That diameter is the most you want as the minor axis of your elliptical cylinder. For instance, I can pack a 1.75” cylinder right away, so I would choose that (or one size smaller) as the minor dimension of the cylinder.

or another model for sizing…

2) Figure out that cylinder’s circumference with the classic formula of diameter x 3.14 (pi). For example, a 1.75” diameter cylinder has a circumference of 5.495”. To figure out the circumference of an elliptical cylinder use this calculator:…llipsetank.html

Enter anything you want for length ( I suggest your BPEL) and the calculator will kick out both the perimeter (elliptical “diameter”) and also the volume of such a tube. You can compare this volume capacity to the capacity of a round cylinder at the same length using this calculator:…l/cylinder.html

Be sure to divide the diameter in half to get the Ro figure. Enter “0” for the Ri.

One word of advice on the sizing in regards to vacutech. I have found their sizing to run slightly large. They have improved their tolerances since product launch, but I think you are safe in assuming that no cylinder you order should be smaller than advertised. They will likely run a little large (1/8” or so). You don’t want a tube that doesn’t provide the compression/expansion effect (in my opinion). So if anything, size the minor dimension a little lower that you might otherwise and it should work like a charm.

As a sizing example, the best tube I have is marked 1.5” x 2”, but is really more like 1.625” x 2.125”. This gives me a perfect compression on the minor axis.

If you’ve been pumping for awhile with round cylinders, the elliptical is a pleasant change offering new forces if sized correctly.

Yes, thanks… great idea with angles. Do you use a heating pad on your tube?

Hey, thanks for the kudos.

Siva Lingam, I have used a heating pad on occasion, but I’m too lazy to use one regularly.

I also wanted to correct my post where I called the perimeter elliptical “diameter” . Should have been elliptical circumference.

I don’t use a heating pad, I use a ‘rice sock’ as a wrap … great heat retention & excellent pump as a result.

my $.02 …

"Treason doth never prosper; what's the reason? For if treason prosper, none dare call it treason." - Harrington


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